1. Eighteen Month Old Baby Boy in Studio
  2. On Location Sandton Natural Light Corporate Portrait Photograph
  3. In Studio Johannesburg Portfolio Photograph With Single Directional Light
  4. Corporate Portrait Photography Located in Sandton Gauteng
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  7. 1syma2yyfcs
  8. Aerial Photograph of Table Mountain Cape Town South Africa Taken From Blouberg
  9. Aerial Photography Taken in Maropeng West of Johannesburg
  10. Aerial Photograph of Sandton CBD South Africa at Midday
  11. Photographic Study Rural Setting in Zam
  12. Photographic Study Fine Art Photographic Shoot of LIfe in Alexander Township
  13. Floral Photography of Tulip Taken in Natural Light Johannesburg
  14. Natural Light Corporate Portfolio Shoot on Location at Investec Sandton
  15. Corporate Portfolio Photography On Location Johannesburg
  16. Sensor Security Executive
  17. Photographic Study Creative Location Photographs of Alexander Township Housing by Bridget Corke
  18. Personal Documentary Photography of Rwanda and my Travels to the Virunga Mountains and Tea Plantations
  19. Corporate Aerial Photography of Cebekhulu Crane Constructing Flyover Bridge Between Sandton and Alexander Township
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  23. Natural Light Photo of Son Rushing into His Father's Arms
  24. Natural Light Autumn Shoot with Son and Father by Bridget Corke
  25. Children Captured Amongst the Cosmos Flowers in Johannesburg
  26. Photographic Study Winter Washing Line Photographed in Alexander Township Gauteng
  27. Photographic Study of Sandton Sunset from Alexander Township Gauteng
  28. Young Girl Captured In Natural Light Johannesburg
  29. Autumn Child Shoot in a Field of Cosmos Flowers Johannesburg
  30. Autumn Natural Light Shoot Amongst the Autumn Leaves in Johannesburg
  31. Personal Documentary Photography of Rwanda Travelling to the Virunga Mountains to a Mature Gorilla
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  33. Bridget Corke's Father Michael Corke Portrait Study Captured in Studio 2005
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  35. jbwwy1uplpx
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  37. mmt2abfa0l5
  38. Photographic Study Walking to Work on a Winter Morning in Alexander Township Gauteng
  39. Early Morning Silhouette Photo of Landscape in KwaZulu Natal South Africa
  40. Personal Documentary Photography of Rwanda Travelling to the Virunga Mountains and Local Traditional
  41. Nelson Mandela with Bridget Corke's Son Taken During Private Family Portrait Photographic Session With Graca Machel and Her Children and Grandchildren
  42. Mother and Daughter Black and White Portrait Study in Studio
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  44. Perfect Newborn Photo of Leanne Dlamini and Her Baby
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  46. Special Moment Between Young Girl and Pet Puppy Captured in Delta Park
  47. Princess Leia Bulldog Taken For Family Collection in Studio in Black and White Pet Photography
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  49. k05nixj1dps
  50. Aerial Photography of Northcliff Gauteng South Africa at Sunset
  51. il2xz5bvlnd
  52. Natural Light Summer Family Shoot in Delta Park Johannesburg
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  55. 23skfwo3wdm
  56. zngx4pdb0dc
  57. n3uazjbjna0
  58. z3eqfmy2ed5
  59. Silhouette Child Photography Captured by Bridget Corke
  60. Birthday Party Captured with Delightful Toddlers by Bridget Corke
  61. Asian Toddler Photographic Shoot in Traditional Clothing
  62. Building Photography of New Office Building Opposite Gautrain Station Sandton City South Africa
  63. CEO Magazine Commission of William Lamb for Editorial Feature in Their Magazine
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  65. Building and Interior Photography of Office Space Johannesburg
  66. Outdoor Photography of Two Young Children in Black and White
  67. 531mclyslbn
  68. Young Girl's Best Friend Pet Dog Captured in Natural Light of Delta Park
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  70. Modern Corporate Interior Photography for Corporate Johannesburg
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  73. agdoux2fgvk
  74. jb3sdryal1n
  75. ppalmpbz50r
  76. Easter Newborn Surprise Shoot with Older Sibling in Johannesburg studio
  77. Wind Blown Child Photographed in Johannesburg Studio against White Background
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  80. jawqdyb2l21
  81. ayqfilv2mqb
  82. Interior Black and White Photography for G4s Security Company Midrand
  83. Natural Light Spring Shoot in Johannesburg of Baby Girl
  84. Beautiful Young Girl Photographed in Johannesburg Studio
  85. Surprised Toddler Captured With His Baby Sister In Johannesburg Studio
  86. Portrait Study in Black and White of Young Teenager with her Beloved Dog Captured in STudio
  87. Black and White Sibling Shoot Captured in Johannesburg Studio
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  90. e4gifbdogqt
  91. 2vytqkecusu
  92. pbplm3fdrs4
  93. Special Moment Between Grandparents Captured in Natural Light of Johannesburg
  94. Great Family Gathering in the Natural Light with Grandchildren and Grandparents
  95. Garden shoot of son and mother, as well as grandmother,
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  97. Top newborn photographer working from a studio in JOhannesburg
  98. Adorable Baby Photographed in Johannesburg Studio by Bridget Corke
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  100. Man and His Beloved Shar Pei Portrait Study Captured in Johannesburg Studio Setting
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  102. wijgzg01oze
  103. 4c1f1tl0e2n
  104. Sibling Photographed in Natural Light by Bridget Corke
  105. Beautiful Natural Light Photo of Toddler in Delta Park JOhannesburg
  106. tjlbun1bfjt
  107. z5rdy314cmi
  108. Exterior Sunset Photography of G4s Security Company Midrand
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  110. j0t1ol0nami
  111. wx4pqzx2x2w
  112. Young Child Portrait Studio Study by Bridget Corke
  113. Outdoor Summer Photographic Shoot in Delta Park Johannesburg
  114. Special Child Photographed in Studio on White Background in JOhannesburg
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  116. 5btiisisy1w
  117. bmdivloblot
  118. 4fjxn21t2ia
  119. Special Toddler Photograph on Fathers Shoulder Captured in Johannesburg Studio
  120. Large Family Gathering in Johannesburg Studio of Grandparents and all their Grandchildren
  121. Child Photography Captured in Johannesburg Studio by Bridget Corke
  122. Complete Family Studio Shoot with Grandparents, Pets and Newborn
  123. Portrait Study PHotograph in Black and White of Young Girl
  124. Teenager captured in Johannesburg Studio in Black and White
  125. Natural Light Summer Shoot of Child in Johannesburg
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  127. 25plfoumepm
  128. zhdcsuudlha
  129. kuy21ylhfpd
  130. Brand New Newborn on the Shoulder of His Father Studio Shoot Johannesburg
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  132. qwc2ne44n23
  133. A Man
  134. Natural Light Summer Shoot in Delta Park with Toddler
  135. Fine Art Black and White Photograph Captured in Johannesburg Studio
  136. Delicate Newborn Hand Held by His Fathers Shot in Johannesburg Studio
  137. Baby Girl Sleeping in the Arms of Her Father in Johannesburg Studio Shoot
  138. Newborn Baby Cuddling up to her Mom in Johannesburg Studio Shoot
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  140. Great Grandmother who Knows that there is only one way in LIfe and that is UP Captured in Natural LIght
  141. Dramatic Newborn Mother Studio Photograph Captured in Johannesburg Studio
  142. Fine Art Black and White Photograph of Baby in Grandmother's Arms
  143. Nothing Like a Dog's Love For His Master Captured in Natural Light of Delta Park
  144. Boy With His Hamster Pet Captured in Johannesburg Studio by Bridget Corke
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