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Yes, I've been a family photographer since 2005. My Then & Now collection keeps growing as clients return for their "now" shoots year after year.  They have a growing collection of family photographs captured with the same passion and energy as the last ones.

One needs to stream through my Then & Now collection from the beginning to realise the effect. It is a real treasure for me.  It is incredible to be of service to my returning family clients.  I know I'm stating the obvious, but personalities and expressions seldom change. They simply develop. It priceless to capture the hand mannerism of a newborn in exactly the same way when they return as a toddler, child and teenager. Small detail counts. As a mother I know this to be so.

I always revisit a client's "then" photo session, which i keep in my photographic archive, to reflect on before their scheduled "now" shoot. With a little art direction it is effortless to capture their "now" moment. 

With life's pace many parents are overwhelmed when they compare the moments.  That is my job.

Some children have a fear of the studio setting. Black infinity curve, large hazy light and soft boxes can be overwhelming. This fear often passes at the second shoot.

The second session usually starts with "where is that dog with the funny face"?  This is in reference to my ever present bulldogs. My dear Blossom died in 2010 and is buried in the front garden with a plum tree at her feet. Venus and Leia are still very present. When I have time i will put a gallery of images captured with my clients.

Take a stroll through my gallery of Then & Now moments.

Top Teenager Family Photographer Johannesburg

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If you would like to book me as your family photographer please contact me for more information.

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