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PROFESSIONAL PORTRAITs frequently asked questions

Here are answers to my most frequently asked questions as a professional portrait photographer.

I charge two fees: a session fee and an image fee. For more details, see my professional portrait pricing information.
My session fee includes your pre-shoot consultation, time, equipment, overflowing creative juices, and enthusiasm.
I sell my images individually. The image fee includes your edited, high- and low-resolution files in colour and black and white, delivered via a WeTransfer link.
Less is more. The days of getting 50 similar images are past. It would be best to have a handful of striking world-class portraits from an incredible selection. Because I sell my images individually, I'm highly motivated to work harder than most. It's a value-for-value exchange.
I require full payment to secure your session.
I require full payment to edit your selected images.
I accept EFTs.
Like any quality product or service, running a professional photography studio that produces high-quality images is not cheap. Cameras, lighting, studio, and computer equipment are expensive. Software to edit and process files, plus archiving, is paid monthly in US dollars. And there is the never-ending challenge of ensuring your computer supports the latest firmware updates. Lousy photography is even more expensive. If you don't like your photos, you will have wasted your money; if a reshoot is possible, you will have to spend more. It is better to get it right the first time.
In today's business world, much of our networking is online. Your branding is more important than ever, and that is why a high-quality photo is your first meeting with the public. You know the old saying, first impressions count. Are you looking your best?
A headshot is a head-and-shoulder photo that shows what you look like. While headshots are pretty straightforward, portraits for your personal branding are less formal and more enlightening. They should tell a story of who you are. A portrait allows for artistic license, i.e., using dramatic light or props to tell a story about yourself. A portrait can be head-and-shoulders, from the waist up, or show the complete figure.
Your portrait session is an investment in yourself. It's practical to use the opportunity to get a handful of eye-catching images for different platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, X, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Tinder for presentations, marketing material, annual reports and Z-cards for acting and modelling applications.
I've prepared a list of getting-ready tips to make your shoot successful. It all boils down to planning.
You must look the part. View my professional portrait portfolio for ideas.
I can arrange professional make-up for an additional fee. However, your going-on-a-date make-up and hair will work.
No, because I can pose you to flatter your body and remove a kilogram or two in editing if you wish—both are my superpowers.
Knowing how to pose is not your job - guiding and directing you throughout is mine. I focus on the seven posing rules:
  • chin
  • shoulders
  • hands
  • hourglass
  • body language
  • asymmetry
  • connection
I also pay close attention to the smallest details - hair, removing fluff, straight ties - which can ruin your portrait.
Yes. I will edit your images. It is another one of my superpowers.
I focus on a natural look—less is more.
Absolutely. In our pre-shoot consultation, we will discuss examples that you like. I will ask you to send me examples of your vision so I can make it a reality.
Read my Google reviews, and be assured being made to feel comfortable is another one of my superpowers.

How would you like to look?
  • approachable
  • authentic
  • authoritative
  • comfortable
  • competent
  • friendly
  • honest
  • interesting
  • natural
  • professional
  • relaxed
Please leave it to me to get the shot.
If I can't take your photos, I will reschedule your session. I will be your photographer - never outsourced.
My studio has an inverter to take care of blackouts.
Time permitting, we will go through your shoot immediately or arrange a convenient time for you to come back to view them. I will guide you in selecting the very best. There are no hard sells.
You have two weeks to finalise your order before it is archived. I charge R2 500 to retrieve it from the archive.
Your images are priceless. Storage is expensive. My responsibility is massive.
It typically takes up to ten days to edit portraits.
I have been a portrait photographer since 2005 and honed my craft.
I have an international Master's in portrait photography, one of only two in Africa, from The Portrait Masters, a global community of the world's best portrait photographers. I also have a degree in the humanities from Wits University.
I have been a dedicated portrait photographer since 2005. My genuine interest in people, humanities degree, Master's in portrait photography, and sharp eye make me a natural portrait photographer.

My pricing is simple and transparent. It's a value-for-value exchange. Getting it right the first time is often less expensive.

My reputation is on the line every time I photograph people. Since every aspect of customer service is a matter of public record online, I am highly motivated to do an incredible job and capture the best photo you have ever seen of yourself. Here is a quick link to my reviews and compliments, also available with a Google review search.

I work from my dedicated studio and use professional equipment. My photos are properly exposed, sharp and well-framed. My maternity portfolio is extensive and speaks for itself.

My style is contemporary and clean. Never trendy. A return on your investment for years.


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