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Corporate photography is a broad term. I specialise in corporate portraits, corporate headshots, corporate portfolio photography, editorial publication photography, corporate events, corporate functions, corporate product photography, corporate location photography, corporate documentary photography, corporate sports events, aerial photography, corporate industrial photography, corporate conference photography and Sub-Saharan Africa NGO photography.

Is there a difference between a corporate headshot and a portrait?


It is all about intent.

A headshot is a photograph of yourself for the simple purpose of showing what you look like. As with all first impressions, your headshot should set the tone for who you are and what you’re about.

A portrait, on the other hand,is less formal and more enlightening - it should in some way tell a story of who you are. It can be head and shoulders, from the waist up orshow the complete figure. Whereas headshots are pretty straightforward, a portrait allows for artistic license ie use of dramatic light or props that could be used to tell a story
about yourself.

No matter what the brief I strive to produce creative corporate photography. My focus is always on capturing the personality for my portrait photography, the light and angles in my documentary photography, location photography, aerial photography, industrial photography and event photography. The photo has to say something more than being a record of the occasion. I also strive to capture as much emotion as possible in a given situation. Take a look at my corporate body of work in my gallery.

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