Bridget Corke Photography
Grandmother with Grandchildren Photographed in Johannesburg Studio
Mother and Daughter Portrait Studio Captured by Bridget Corke
Tender Moment Between Grandparents Captured by Bridget Corke in Her Johannesburg Studio
Three Generations - Grandmother, Daughter and Grandaughter - Photographed by Bridget Corke
Mother and Daughter Portrait Photograph by Bridget Corke
Silhouette Photograph of Grandparents by Bridget Corke Photography
Granddaughter Loving Grandmother During Studio Shoot in Johannesburg
Son With Grandparents Captured by Photographer Bridget Corke
Grandfather with Granddaughter Captured On A White Background by Bridget Corke
Black and White Grandson with Grandmother Photography
Grandmother with Daughter and Grandchildren by Bridget Corke
Graca Machel Portrait by Bridget Corke
Graca Machel, Josina Machel and Ziga Photographed
Playful Grandfather and Grandson Romping in Summer Park Shoot Johannesburg by Bridget Corke
Delighted Grandmother and Newborn
Park Shoot with Grandparents and Grandchildren
Grandmother Shot in Park
Studio Photograph of Grandpa and Granddaughter

Grandparent Photographer

I started my photographic career as a family photographer.  It soon became evident that families needed to be encouraged to include the grandparents in their family shoots.

My reputation precedes me as a family photographer.  My style of studio family photography is either captured on a white or black background with the minimum props.  I don't subscribe to clutter. It is not timeless. I'm most interested in capturing emotion, raw emotion in all it's forms.  Most new clients, especially the grandparents, arrive at the studio with trepidation and leave complimenting me on their amazing experience. Many have told me that they can see that I love what I do. I certainly do. I'm passionate about capturing families at what ever stage of their lives they are at. I am well known for creating many Then & Now photographic gallery.  Being a family photographer since 2005, with many returning clients, I have managed to draw my clients back over the years to get their Then and Now family photographs. My family shoots are hysterical.  Class entertainment as I draw on different generations to give of themselves.  My family location photography is treated with the same creative, crazy approach.  It works every time. If I haven't convinced you take a look at my family collection of grandparents in my gallery.

Grandmother Shot in Park

If you would like to book me as your family photographer please contact me for more information.

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