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SOUTH AFRICAN: Teenager Portait Illustrator
SOUTH AFRICAN: Children Portait Illustrator
SOUTH AFRICAN: Mother & Child Portrait Illustrator
sOUTH AFRICAN: Mother & Child Original Portraiture Art
SOUTH AFRICAN: Portait Sportsman Illustrator
SOUTH AFRICAN: Child Portrait Illustrator
SOUTH AFRICAN: Child Portaiture Illustrator
SOUTH AFRICAN: Wedding Couple Portait Illustrator
SOUTH AFRICAN: Family Portait Illustrator Black & White


This gallery of illustrations and caricatures is typical of Caroline Melton-Thorpe's work as an illustrator and design artist.

How much does an original illustration cost?

  • Illustration fee starts at R2500
  • Most clients spend R5500
  • Some clients spend up to R8500

Why get an original portrait illustration?

There is a certain magic to capturing the likeness of a person. It is a different language to celebrate or commemorate a person or event in time. Give your loved ones or yourself an original art piece.

What style illustrations can be commissioned?

  • Traditional, caricature or cartoon style
  • charcoal, pencil or pastel
  • A4 to A2 or bigger

What are Caroline Melton-Thorpe's Contact Detail

+27 82 871 8297

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