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My name is Bridget Corke and I'm a photographer based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I'm a corporate photographer, commercial photographer, social documentary photographer, family photographer, fine art nude photographer, wedding photographer and celebration photographer. My professional studio is in Johannesburg.

Corporate Photographer

Corporate photography is a broad term. I specialise in corporate portraits, corporate headshots, corporate portfolio photography, editorial publication photography, corporate events, corporate functions, corporate product photography, corporate location photography, corporate documentary photography, corporate sports events, aerial photography, corporate industrial photography, corporate conference photography, social documentary photography and Sub-Saharan Africa NGO photography.

No matter what the brief I strive to produce creative corporate photography. My focus is always on capturing the personality for my portrait photography, the light and angles in my documentary photography, location photography, industrial photography and event photography. The photo has to say something more than being a record of the occasion. I also strive to capture as much emotion as possible in a given situation. Take a look at my corporate body of work in my gallery.

Family Photographer

I started my photographic career as a family photographer. I focus on maternity photography or pregnancy photography, followed by newborn photography, baby photography, toddler photography, child photography, teenager photography, couple photography, family photography, grandparent photography and finally pet photography.

My reputation precedes me as a family photographer. My style of studio family photography is either captured on a white or black background with the minimum props. I don't subscribe to clutter. It is not timeless. I'm most interested in capturing emotion, raw emotion in all it's forms. Most new clients arrive at the studio with trepidation and leave complimenting me on their amazing experience. Many have told me that they can see that I love what I do. I certainly do. I'm passionate about capturing families at what ever stage of their lives they are at. I am well known for creating many Then & Now photographic gallery. Being a family photographer for the past 13 years, with many returning clients, I have managed to draw my clients back over the years to get their Then and Now family photographs. I also encourage my family clients to include the grandparents. My large family shoots in my studio are hysterical. Class entertainment as I draw on different generations to give of themselves. My grandparent clients value the experience so much. That leaves me to mention my pet photography. After all they are integral members of the family. My pet photography has included dog photography, cat photography, horse photography, hamster photography and bird photography. My family location photography is treated with the same creative, crazy approach. It works every time. If I haven't convinced you take a look at my family collection in my gallery.

Fine Art Nude Photographer

Fine Art Nude Photography is about capturing the beauty of the human form. By painting light, using shadows, carefully posing and using creative expressions I strive to bring out the best in my subjects and the human body.

Everyone has their own reason for wanting fine art nude photographs. In my experience some want them for their spouse or partner, anniversary, wedding or birthday gift. Others just want to have a record of their bodies in whatever shape and form they are in.

The process is not as stressful as you think. I will ask you to email me a couple of examples that you like. This way we manage expectations. We'll spend a bit of time chatting and getting you to relax on your arrival. The session wont take longer than an hour. After the session we will go through the images together and create a short list. I will provide between 10 and 20 images in black and white.

Your privacy is my main priority. The shoot takes place in my private studio. I process and print every image. There is no outsourcing. The best way to present or display your fine art nude photographs is on fine art archival paper. Take a look at my Fine art nude photography.

Wedding Photographer

Simply put I'm not a traditional, stale wedding photographer. My approach is to seek out the detail, drama, personal interactions, emotions and portrait studies that encapsulates your wedding day. Typically, wedding photography budget comes at the end of the planning process. It should be at the top of the list. Once your wedding day draws to a close, you'll only be able to revisit your day in your mind's eye with our your wedding photographs. Most of the moments from the day you will have gone unnoticed. You're the bride. You can't be everywhere even though you will have believed you were. I'm no high society wedding photographer. I prefer smaller, intimate family weddings. Take a look at my wedding collection in my gallery.

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