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The Portrait Masters Awards

Photographic awards as recognised by a panel of international experts as meeting professional world portrait standard.

The Portrait Masters Silver Awards 2020

The Portrait Masters Bronze Image Award for 2020

Based in Los Angeles, The Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation programme "is explicitly for portrait photographers of all genres, is a recognition of "high professional standard, not something that awards merit only.

Portrait Masters accredited photographers can ensure clients they are working with true professionals of the industry."


If your image earns a bronze, silver or gold merit, you receive points towards becoming an Accredited Portrait Masters Photographer.

Bronze Merit

70-79 score

Bronze images have a high professional standard of technique and communication and earn .5 accreditation points.

Silver Merit

80-89 score

Silver images have exemplary execution of technique and visual presentation and earn 1 accreditation point.

Gold Merit

90-100 score

Gold images exhibit excellence in all technical fields with outstanding creative communication and narrative and earn 2 accreditation points.


Judging criteria include Expression and Connection Styling Composition Posing Lighting Overall Technique and Presentation Post-Production Focus Storytelling

JOHANNESBURG: Silver-Award Maternity Portrait
JOHANNESBURG: Baby Portrait Winner
JOHANNESBURG: Child Portrait Winner
JOHANNESBURG: Baby Portrait Winners
JOHANNESBURG: Portrait Masters Child
JOHANNESBURG: Baby Portrait Competition
JOHANNESBURG: Child Winner Photograph
JOHANNESBURG: Boudoir Winner Photographer
JOHANNESBURG: Family Photo Winner

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