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I'm a maternity portrait photographer in Johannesburg, South Africa.

My maternity portrait gallery highlights my work as a maternity photographer.

Why should I have maternity photographs?

Your pregnancy experience is not forever. Perhaps you missed capturing your previous pregnancies. Let me capture an intimate, personal reflection of a moment in time for you. It will be an investment that never stops giving.

How much does a maternity photo session cost?

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When should I book my maternity shoot?

It is a good idea to plan your maternity shoot. You should book your maternity shoot when you are 32 - 36 weeks pregnant. Having said that I have photographed women the day before they gave birth.

If you value having Stolen Moments™ of your pregnancy contact me

Where are maternity portraits taken?

Your maternity portraits can be taken at my fully-equipped Johannesburg studio using professional studio lighting. These photos are usually shot against a seamless backdrop. White and black are popular backdrop colours.

I also create maternity silhouette photos in my studio. A silhouette is defined as a view of an object or a scene consisting of the outline and a featureless interior, with the silhouetted object usually being black.

Your maternity photos can be created on location. This is typically done against a natural background like in a park.

It is important that whatever background is selected people should never see the background before they see you in front of it.

Who can join the maternity shoot?

Partners and children are welcome to join your maternity shoot.

My aim is to capture Stolen Moments™ for you. I describe them as:

transient and fragile slices of life,

an intimate, personal reflection of a moment in time,

an investment that never stops giving

How to prepare for your maternity portrait?

People always ask what they should wear to their maternity portrait shoot. The simpler the better.

Choose something that shows your bump off. Consider an outfit that flows or with texture as the contrast with your tummy is striking. Perhaps consider something of symbolic importance - your wedding veil.

Plan your outfits in advance. If you are still unsure, bring a couple of outfits and we can make a final decision together.

I have a range of fabrics that we can also play with.

Moisturise your body the night before. Avoid bra straps and tight panties on the day of your shoot. They leave indents.

Because hands are so expressive and always in style ensure they are neat and trimmed. A manicure is not necessary.

If you are going to get a haircut, get it a week before the shoot. This way, the cut will grow in a little and you will have some time to get used it. Try do you hair yourself on the day of your shoot. It looks more natural.

Get a good night rest. Nothing worse than being bleary eyed, puffy and tired for this special occasion.

What can I expect from a maternity session?

Since 2005 I have photographed hundreds of expectant mums. I will bring all my years of experience and energy to your shoot.

I will get you to relax and guide you through the entire process. Suggesting different poses. You are welcome to share examples of maternity portraits that you have gathered, beforehand. We will discuss these ideas, and together, create a unique collection of photographs for you.

When you leave you will have had a refreshing experience. It is always fun.

I will email you a contact sheet with plenty of images to choose your favourites from. It is a good idea to get a second opinion when you make your selection. We are so critical of ourselves.

Your favourite, edited digital images will be sent to you in high and low resolution via WeTransfer.

Because your maternity portraits are important to you I backup them up. In the event of lost digital files they can be retrieved for a fee.

If you value having Stolen Moments™ of your pregnancy contact me to set up your maternity portrait photographic session.

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