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4 Tips When Selecting a Photographer

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Find a professional photographer that specialises in portrait photography with strong technical skills and experience. A professional portrait photographer knows how to light, pose and photograph you in angles that flatter your face and body. A professional photographer is essential to getting great portraits of yourself.


To ensure you get the images, you want to choose a photographer whose style most resonates with you.

My portrait style is contemporary, focusing on capturing personality and authenticity. I love keeping portraits simple without overpowering them with props or unnatural posing.


Explore a photography portfolio as well as their recent sessions. Look for consistency in their work. To get the perfect portrait the first time round to hire with quality assurance in mind. Amateur portfolios have a couple of accidentally good images from many sessions. You risk that there may be only one or two good images from your session. I pose and angle people to flatter their body type with carefully crafted lighting and framing. My photos are sharp, properly exposed and framed well.


Years of experience may not necessarily equate to quality; very often, the photographer with years of experience has had the time to master their craft. I have over 16 years of portrait photography experience and have honed my craft.


Although the price is essential, it is not the most important one. Good photography is expensive like any quality product or service because it is not easy to create quality images. Lousy photography is even more costly. If you don't like your photos, you have wasted your time and money. If there is a chance to do the portrait shoot again, you will spend more money on the re-shoot for a better photographer. It's often less expensive to get it right the first time.

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