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We all have inner beauty, a mystical light that shines within each of us. Be part of this select group of women and my Luminance Collection.

JOHANNESBURG: Details of my Luminance Collection

In the warmth and safety of my studio, we will unveil your unique radiance in a series of timeless portraits and become part of my Luminance Collection.

JOHANNESBURG: Luminance Peony Symbolism

I chose the peony for my Luminance Collection campaign as not only does it symbolise honour, good fortune and happiness; this fragile, unassuming beauty also represents self-consciousness and reticence in one’s self.

JOHANNESBURG: Luminance CollectionInvitation

Over the next six months, I am inviting 40 women over the age of 40 to celebrate the solidarity of womanhood as part of my Luminance Collection. Now is your chance to become part of this select group.

JOHANNESBURG: Luminance Options

How would you like to be photographed for your Luminance experience, and what styles suit your personality?

JOHANNESBURG: Luminance Collection Before & After

Gallery of before & after photos from my Luminance Collection


Gallery photos from my Luminance Collection

JOHANNESBURG: Luminance Behind-the-scenes

Gallery of behind-the-scenes photos from my Luminance Collection.

Luminance Collection Interviews

A collection of responses from my clients to questions posed after their luminance experience.

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