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I'm a portrait photographer in Johannesburg, South Africa.

This gallery of corporate and executives portraits are examples commonly used for business purposes.

What is a corporate portrait?

Corporate portraits are photos that make you look attractive and reveal something about your personality. They may include your head and shoulders only or they may encompass a full-length view. A portrait is less formal and more enlightening than a headshot. It should in some way tell a story of who you are. Whereas headshots are pretty straightforward, a portrait allows for artistic license through the use of dramatic light or props that could be used to tell a story about yourself.

Why do you need a corporate portrait?

Humans have always been drawn towards visual and graphic images. Our eye is drawn to the most noticeable pictures before reading any solid text. Once our attention has been grabbed by the visual element of the story we’ll turn our attention to the written word.

Across all your marketing, whether that’s online, in the press, via print adverts or newsletters, your visuals need to stand out. You need to distinguish yourself from your competitors in a world that is more competitive than ever.

A professional portraits will make the difference to your personal branding. It is a must have for all professionals. It is an investment that should be high for your personal branding list.

Who should have a corporate portrait?

Corporate Portraits are a must have for anyone needing personal branding.













I have worked for clients in finance, banking, insurance, architecture, construction, property, law firms, as well as PR, human resources, industry, manufacturing, marketing, tech, film & TV, design and advertising agencies across South Africa.

I have produced striking personal branding for their marketing, design, advertising, PR and editorial use.

Not all portraits are equal. A portrait for an artist is not the same as an executive portrait. I will work with you to ensure you look the part.

Where are corporate portraits used?

Corporate portraits are often used for:

Annual reports

Social Profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Résumés or CVs

Corporate catalogs, brochures and advertising material

internal and external company publications and websites

Press releases and other announcements

Marketing materials - business cards

Articles and newspapers

Author pages

When should you have a corporate portrait taken?

The days of using a “selfie” as your portrait are long past. You know this. That is why you are looking for a corporate portrait photographer.

Where are corporate portraits taken?

Your portrait can be taken at my professionally equipped Johannesburg studio.

I have a mobile studio setup if you want your portraits taken in your office or on location.

What kind of corporate portrait sessions are there?

There are different types of corporate portrait sessions.

The “studio style” portrait is usually shot on a seamless backdrop with no props. Popular background colour choices are white, black & storm grey.

The "on location" portrait is usually shot in the work environment. Popular backgrounds are boardrooms and in and around your office and building.

It is important that whatever background is selected people should never see the background before they see you in front of it.

How to prepare for you corporate portrait session?

Unlike headshots, portraits can be less formal and more enlightening. Having said that you could still wear something formal - suits or coats and ties for the men. Office attire or smart casuals for the women. The hairstyle of the person must also be kept and the makeup must be clean and appropriate. For the men, a clean shaven look is highly recommended. Most important is that you look the part.

What can you expect from a portrait session?

I either use studio lighting or natural light.

You will receive a detailed guide of how to prepare for your portrait session.

I will guide you through the entire process, make you relaxed, to get that perfect portrait.

I will shoot you in a number of poses to give you plenty of images to select from.

You will receive a digital contact sheet to make your final selection from. It is a good idea to get a second opinion when you make your selection. We are so critical of ourselves.

Your final edited images will be sent to you in high and low resolution via WeTransfer link.

Because your portraits are important I backup them up. Lost images can be retrieved and reprocessed for a fee.

Contact me

Let me create genuine and authentic images of yourself. Images that will have a positive impact on your audience and set you apart.

If you are ready to book your portrait session contact me.

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If you are ready to book your portrait session contact me.

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