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My name is Bridget Corke, and I'm a professional photographer in Johannesburg.

I specialise as a headshot photographer, portrait photographer, maternity photographer, newborn photographer, baby photographer, child photographer, family photographer, mother-daughter photographer, dance photographer, model photographer, nude photographer and pet photographer.

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I've been a Johannesburg portrait photographer since 2005 and work from my professional studio in Blairgowrie.

My genuine interest in people, humanities degree and sharp eye make me a natural portrait photographer.

I'm one of only two in Africa with an international Master's in portrait photography from The Portrait Masters, a global community of the world's best portrait photographers.

JOHANNESBURG: Master Recognized Portrait Photographer

Johannesburg Headshot Photographer

I'm a Johannesburg headshot photographer who produces high-quality personal headshots, corporate headshots, executive headshots and business headshots.

My headshot photography pricing is simple and value-exchange.

View my headshot portfolio and see why my headshots stand out.

Johannesburg Portrait Photographer

I'm a Johannesburg portrait photographer for personal, professional, business and corporate clients.

My portrait pricing for individuals is simple and has incredible value.

View my portrait portfolio.

Johannesburg Maternity Photographer

I'm a Johannesburg maternity photographer for pregnant mothers alone, with partners, children, and pets.

My maternity photography pricing is exceptional value for fine art maternity photos.

View my maternity portfolio.

Johannesburg Newborn Photographer

I'm a Johannesburg newborn photographer whose newborn photos are timeless and emotive.

My newborn photography pricing is simple and a value exchange for fine art newborn portraits.

View my newborn portfolio.

Johannesburg Baby Photographer

I'm a Johannesburg baby photographer for babies between three months and two years.

My baby photography pricing is exceptional value for priceless fine art baby portraits.

View my baby portfolio.

Johannesburg Child Photographer

I'm a Johannesburg child photographer for children between two and twelve.

My child photography pricing is simple and value exchange for priceless fine art child portraits.

View my child portfolio.

Johannesburg Family Photographer

I'm a Johannesburg family photographer whose family photos are timeless and emotive.

My family photography pricing is a simple and priceless investment for contemporary family portraits.

View my family portfolio.

Johannesburg Mother-Daughter Photographer

I'm a Johannesburg mother-and-daughter photographer for moms, daughters and grandmothers.

My mother-daughter photography pricing is an incredible value exchange for priceless mother-and-daughter moments.

View my mother-and-daughter portfolio.

Johannesburg Dance Photographer

I'm a Johannesburg dance photographer for young aspiring dancers.

My dance photography pricing is exceptional value for fine art dance portrait photography.

View my dance portfolio.

Johannesburg Model Photographer

I'm a Johannesburg model photographer for models looking to build their portfolio.

My model photography pricing is exceptional value for aspiring model portraits.

View my model portfolio.

Johannesburg Nude Photographer

I'm a Johannesburg nude photographer for women looking for fine art nude portraits.

My nude photography pricing is exceptional value for priceless fine art nude portraits.

View my nude portfolio.

Johannesburg Pet Photographer

I'm a Johannesburg pet photographer who produces studio photos of dogs and cats.

My pet photography pricing is incredible value for priceless fine art pet portraits.

View my pet portfolio.

Let's Connect

If you have been looking for a professional portrait photographer who takes exceptional portraits that stand out, you have found me, and I would love to work with you. Contact me today.

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