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Bridget Corke's background, awards, compliments and reviews, portrait products, approach, and copyright information.

About Bridget Corke

Bridget Corke's humanities degree and sharp eyes make her a natural portrait photographer, plus 20 years of experience and a Master's in portrait photography.

Awards & Masters

Background to achieving international portrait awards and Master's accreditation from The Portrait Masters - one of only two in Africa.

Google Reviews & Compliments

Google reviews and compliments from countless satisfied clients.

Portrait Photography Products

Details of designer photography products, including custom framing, photo albums, portfolio boxes, art prints and personalised gift vouchers.

How I Approach Capturing Portraits

Explanation of my approach to my craft as a photographer specialising in headshots, maternity, newborn, family, model, pet, nudes and glamour portraiture.

Copyright Usage Terms Conditions

A description of the copyright and terms of usage for Bridget Corke Photography's images - copyright is the lifeblood of any visual artist.

Terms Conditions

Bridget Corke's terms and conditions


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20 years experience plus international Master's in portrait photography from The Portrait Masters, one of only two in Africa.