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I've been a Johannesburg photographer specialising in portraits, editorial and documentary photography since 2005.

Headshot Portrait of Bridget Corke


I lost my mom when I was 30. That doesn't make me unique, but it did change my outlook. Not a 10th of October passes without me remembering my mother's final words to me. "Life is short. Look at me. I am 62 and about to die. Bid, you are not the corporate type. Follow your creative passion. Do something with yours before it's over!"

I was incredibly sad for years. At that time, I was working in the corporate jungle of Johannesburg. Eight years later, my father died on my mom's birthday. His children were at his side as he took his final breath. I will never forget that privileged moment with all its sadness and the strength I drew from it.

After I left the corporate world, I got divorced, was blessed with a beautiful son, picked up my camera and went to work. I learnt quickly that no one owes you anything.

I've photographed both happiness and sadness. I know that the lens works both ways and that nothing teaches nothing.

Let me be your storyteller. I want you to feel steady when you look at your pictures. I want them to look at you. Be real. Transparent. I want you drawn into them. And I want to be able to say the same of them.

Maya Angelou said it so beautifully. "People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel."


Michael Corke Portrait Study

My first portrait study. My dad. He died 11 months later.

Having captured him means the world to me.

I don't have one of my mom.

JOHANNESBURG: Talented Child Portrait Photographer

When I captured my son in 2003, I knew he would have a

treasured memory from that age - something I don't have.

I wanted to make a career out of capturing similar fleeting,

fragile moments for others, which I've been doing since


14 Year Old Teenager Photographed in Johannesburg Studio

Bridget Corke with Her Sebastian Captured in Studio in 2010

Getting a photo of us together means asking the strangest

people - my client's 10-year-old daughter captured this one

of Sebastian and me.

Bridget Corke and Her Sebastian with Blossom Bulldog Family Photograph

I grew up with English bulldogs. Conceived around the

same time Blossom was born, I love this photo of me

introducing her to Sebastian in 2002.

Early Morning Pet Photograph of Bridget Corke's Bulldog Blossom in Delta Park Blairgowrie
I stole this one of Blossom weeks before she died in my

arms following a driveway high-jacking. I believe the

trauma was too much for her. Both experiences live in

my bones.

Bridget Corke Personal Family Photograph of Her Bulldog Venus on Couch with Nguni Cow Pet Photography

Don't be fooled by those looks. Venus had a heart of

gold and was eternally loyal. She passed away in 2018,

the day before her birthday, having spent most of her

days sleeping at my feet.

Family Photograph of Venus the Bulldog in Summer 2016 Johannesburg

Venus, captured by Sebastian, being cooled down from

Johannesburg 2016 heatwave with his three-year-old

beach towel. This photo was one of the last memories

we have of her.

Princess Leia Bulldog Taken For Family Collection in Studio in Black and White Pet Photography

iPhone Family Photograph Taken By Bridget Corke Of Her Bulldog Princess Leia in Johannesburg

Princess Leia crept into our lives seamlessly after

Blossom died. The clown of the pack and has since

ascended to top-dog status. She flaunts both roles with

no invitation.

I love the whole thing about my boy in the following two

photos. I took them three years apart—both fleeting

moments. The framed image of him captured in 2006.

He never gives me enough time, so I too live with some

smartphone snaps. I often love them more, because

I have them.

Personal Photograph of Bridget Corke Sebastian at Home in 2016

I'm blessed to live in a country of such diversity,

privileged that the Big Five game animals are 300km

away from me. Sadly I'm not into wildlife photography.

The lens is either too long or too short. By the time you

work our which lens to use the moment is gone. I do

like these of mine, if only for their sense of humour.

Zebras Captured in Kruger Park 2010

Tail End of Elephant Captured in Kruger National Park South AFrica

Black and White Photograph Hippo in Elephants River Kruger Park South Africa

These hippos remind me of my hounds.

Cream Of Tomatoe Soup Taken by Bridget Corke For her Personal Family Collection with iPhone 5c

Sebastian and I have clean palates that simply love

home-cooked food. Nothing wrong with a blob of

cream in the tomato soup with our ever-present


Food Photograph Taken at Die OuPastorie Near Hartebeespoort Dam South Africa

Strawberries with "blue" fillet - a birthday treat!

Nelson Mandela with Bridget Corke's Son Taken During Private Family Portrait Photographic Session With Graca Machel and Her Children and Grandchildren

Many people have asked me over the years whether

I captured the photo of Nelson Mandela on my

website? Yes. Every single one besides the ones of

him and me. Six-year-old Sebastian and I spent over

four hours at his home. I love the twinkly highlights

of Mandela's shoes against my boy's bony feet. As

Sebastian gets older, the significance of this moment

will dawn on him in all its fullness.

Nelson Mandela with Bridget Corke as Part of a Private Portrait Commission by Graca Machel with Her Family in Houghton 2008

My Madiba moment. Typical photographer. Clearly

giving instruction, mid-stream to the photographer.

Aerial Photography Taken in Maropeng West of Johannesburg

An aerial shot of me and Sebastian.

This is my simple, privileged life that I don't take for


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