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Johannesburg Portrait Photographer Specialties

Bridget Corke is a highly recommended Johannesburg portrait photographer specialising in personal, corporate, and business portraiture.

JOHANNESBURG: Headshot Photographer

Professional Johannesburg headshot photographer captures striking headshots in studio and on-location for discerning clients who value good photography.

JOHANNESBURG: Portrait Photographer

Professional Johannesburg portrait photographer captures authentic portraits for discerning clients who value quality photography to build their brand.

JOHANNESBURG: Baby Photographer

Johannesburg baby photography information, including scheduling, consultation, clothing, posing, lighting, retouching, and portrait products.

JOHANNESBURG: Child Photographer

Johannesburg child photographer captures striking child portraits in the studio for those looking to invest in her distinctive child photography style.

JOHANNESBURG: Dance Photographer

Johannesburg dance photographer that captures dancers in motion or paused. Studio dance photography to proudly display in your home as wall art.

JOHANNESBURG: Family Photographer

Johannesburg family photographer captures striking family photos in the studio for those looking to invest in her distinctive family portrait style.

JOHANNESBURG: Maternity Photographer

Johannesburg maternity photographer captures pregnant women in the studio for those looking for professional maternity photos with a distinctive style.

JOHANNESBURG: Model Photographer

Johannesburg model photographer captures striking photos for models in the studio for models looking for portfolio photos with a distinctive style.

JOHANNESBURG: Newborn Photographer

Professional Johannesburg newborn photographer captures newborns in the studio for those looking for newborn photos with an emotive and timeless style.

JOHANNESBURG: Nude Photographer

Details of my fine art nude portrait photoshoots for women, style, scheduling, consultation, wardrobe, posing, lighting, and final edited images.

JOHANNESBURG: Pet Photographer

Johannesburg pet photographer captures dogs and cats' unique spirits and personalities in the studio for clients where emotional insight resonates deeply.


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