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As a professional Johannesburg headshot photographer, I capture striking and authentic headshots for clients who value good photography.

In today's business world, much of our networking is online. Your branding is more important than ever, and that is why a high-quality photo is your first meeting with the public.


Choose a headshot photographer whose style resonates with you. My style is contemporary and clean. Never trendy. A return on your investment for years. View my headshot portfolio to satisfy yourself and ensure you will work with a true professional.

Headshot Pricing

I charge a session fee to capture an incredible selection of photos; afterwards, you buy the images you love. View my headshot photography pricing. For businesses and organisations with multiple people, contact me for a quote.

Whichever photographer you choose, you're going to spend money. Like any quality product or service, good photography is expensive because it is costly to create quality images. If dissatisfied, you may not have the budget or time to re-shoot with another photographer. It is less expensive to get it right the first time.

Headshot Photographer

I will be your photographer. If I can't take your photos, I will reschedule your session. I will never outsource. I will dispel your anxiety and make you look:

  • approachable
  • authentic
  • comfortable
  • competent
  • friendly
  • honest
  • interesting
  • natural
  • professional
  • relaxed

Headshot Clients

You are my typical client if you are looking for:

  • personal headshots
  • professional headshots
  • business headshots
  • corporate headshots
  • actor headshots
  • accountant headshots
  • advocate headshots
  • artist headshots
  • attorney headshots
  • authors headshots
  • banker headshots
  • board member headshot
  • doctor headshots
  • educator headshots
  • engineering headshots
  • executive headshots
  • group headshots
  • journalist headshots
  • lawyer headshots
  • model headshots
  • online dating headshots
  • physician headshots
  • politician headshots
  • real estate headshots
  • reporter headshots
  • speaker headshots
  • athlete headshots
  • sportswomen headshots
  • staff headshots
  • student headshots
  • surgeon headshots
  • teacher headshots
  • therapist headshots
  • veterinarian headshots
  • victim headshots
  • writer headshots


It is not your job to know how to pose; it is mine to guide and direct you throughout your session. I pay close attention to the seven posing rules

  • chin
  • shoulders
  • hands
  • hourglass
  • body language
  • asymmetry
  • connection

I start by ensuring you are comfortable and relaxed, experimenting with different angles to find the most flattering perspective, and finally, interacting to elicit genuine expressions and emotions. My headshot portfolio showcases my posing superpower and ability to capture the perfect shot.


I pay closer attention to the smallest details, such as where your hair falls, straight ties, and removing fluff. Did these finer details ruin your previous headshot?


I focus on a natural look with subtle adjustments and enhancements. It is important to look like yourself. My editing skills are another superpower and worth the price: a value exchange.


A headshot is strictly a head-and-shoulders portrait. I like to shoot a more flexible three-quarter image—a 4:6 ratio—which allows for cropping flexibility for various media platforms. Having options is a practical approach.