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As a Johannesburg pet photographer, I capture the unique spirit and personalities of dogs and cats in the studio for clients who want fine art pet photos with a distinctive style.

Photos of our furry loved ones remind us of the simple things that bring joy and calm to a fast-paced life.

Let me capture the window to the soul of your pet - I'll give you a side act.


Choose a pet photographer whose style resonates with you.

My style is simple and timeless.

Out-of-the-ordinary pet photos.


Whichever photographer you choose, you're going to spend money.

Like any quality product or service, good photography is expensive because it is costly to create quality images.

If you're unhappy, you may not have the budget or time to do a re-shoot with another photographer.

I charge two fees - a session and an image fee. You buy the photos you love.

It is less expensive to get it right the first time.


Explore a photographer's portfolio and look for consistency in their work.

Amateur portfolios have a couple of accidentally good images from many sessions.

Do you want to risk that there may be only one or two great images from your pet photoshoot?


Years of experience may not equate to quality.

I've been a pet photographer since 2005 and have an international Master's in portrait photography, one of only two in Africa, from The Portrait Masters.

I have high standards. Let me create a world-class portrait for you.

JOHANNESBURG: Master Recognized Portrait Photographer


I will be your photographer - never outsourced.

If I can't take your photos, I will reschedule your session.


If you have fallen in love with my portfolio of pets, you are my perfect client because you love how it makes you feel.

Your pet photos are captured in the privacy of my studio.


The trickiest part of pet photography is that most pets don't understand posing instructions on command.

Pets often can't sit still - squirmy, energetic and over-eager - which makes for unique portraits.

There is a narrow window of opportunity to capture emotive pet portraits.

I have immeasurable patience. And I'm a bit of a pet whisperer.


The eyes are the windows to the soul, and having them sharp is more important than anything else in pet photography.

I pay close attention to the positioning of hands, which are the second most expressive part of the body after the eyes.

When you revisit your photos, they will take you to the moment and, most importantly, remind you exactly how you felt then.

Did these finer details ruin your last photoshoot?


Less is more.

I focus on a natural look.


Your pet is the star of the show.

Plan what to wear, although not the focus, can throw a great photo shoot.

I suggest you wear anything black; this way, the interaction and emotions are fully appreciated.


Visiting the dog parlour for your pet's shoot is not essential.

Hands and Nails

So often overlooked, trim everyone's as they become the second act.

If you colour your fingernails, choose a neutral or clear tone.

How To Book Me


You think you have time, but theirs with us is too short.

Plan your photo session two to three weeks in advance. If this time doesn't work, I would happily work with you.


Your pet shoot includes a pre-shoot telephone consultation. We will discuss posing ideas and lighting styles.

I will ask you to send me images of what you like to form a picture of your vision.


Expect the unexpected. The more chaos, the better.

Pet photography combines portrait, sports, and baby photography, which means working fast to get the shot.

I will direct and guide you and your pet throughout.

After your shoot, we will review your images. I will help you select the very best. You purchase the photos you love. What you buy is entirely up to you.


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