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As a professional Johannesburg nude photographer, I capture sensuality and inner beauty for discerning female clients who want fine art nude photos with a distinctive style.

You are more beautiful than you think.


Choose a fine art nude photographer whose style resonates with you.

My style is timeless, never trendy.

I focus on form, composition and emotion.

It's a freedom ritual to see yourself reflected to you.

Fine Art Nude



Like any quality product or service, good photography is expensive because it is costly to create quality images.

If you are dissatisfied, you may not have the budget or time to do a re-shoot with another photographer.

I charge a session plus an image fee - you buy the photos you love.

Whichever photographer you choose, you're going to spend money.

Getting it right the first time is less expensive.

Fine Art Nude



Explore a photographer's portfolio and look for consistency in their work.

Amateur portfolios have a couple of accidentally good images from many sessions.

After much effort, do you want to risk that there may be only one or two great images from your session?


Years of experience may not equate to quality.

I've been a portrait photographer since 2005 and have an international Master's in portrait photography, one of only two in Africa, from The Portrait Masters.

My standards are high - would you like a world-class portrait celebrating yourself?

JOHANNESBURG: Master Recognized Portrait Photographer


I will be your photographer - never outsourced.

If I can't take your photos, I will reschedule your session.

It will be you and me in the studio.


If you have fallen in love with my fine art nude portfolio, you are my typical client.

Your nude photos are captured in the privacy of my studio.


I pay close attention to the seven posing rules.





body language



Trust me to lead you in posing so you feel comfortable, beautiful and empowered.


I pay closer attention to small details, such as where your hair falls and where your hands are positioned.


Less is more.

I focus on a natural look and subtle editing.

I'd be a millionaire if I could earn a buck for every kilogram I've shaved off in the final edit.


Some people choose to wear lingerie, while others are naked throughout.

Here are some wardrobe suggestions

Nothing; barely there

Matching lingerie sets

Oversised buttoned white shirt

Favourite Jewellery

Sentimental items - wedding veil

It is your choice of how much skin you would like to reveal.


If your visit to the hairdresser is due, go a week before the shoot.

This way, you will have time to get used to it, and the cut will grow slightly.

Hands and Nails

If you colour your nails, choose a neutral or clear tone.

So often overlooked, ensure your hands are moisturised.


I recommend natural makeup over complete makeovers.

Your face is mostly in shadow.

How To Book Me


Plan your photo session two to three weeks in advance. If this time doesn't work, I would happily work with you.


All sessions include a telephonic consultation.

We will discuss wardrobe, posing ideas and lighting styles.

I will ask you to send me images of what you like to form a picture of your vision.


Even if it is your first time in front of the camera, and you don't know how to pose, I will direct and guide you - that is my superpower.

After your shoot, we will go through your images.

I will guide and help select the very best.

You purchase the photos you love.

What you buy is entirely up to you.

There are few certainties in life, but if you come into my studio, I will capture the most incredible photos you have ever seen of yourself – that is my superpower - and it will give me enormous pleasure.


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