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Stoppable Baby Photo
Triplets Lying Down
Yawning Baby With Sibling
Dad Arms & Baby Close-Up
Mother & Baby Silhouette Example
Father Holding Baby Securely
Baby Hand-in-Mouth On Tummy
On Daddy's Shoulders
Sleeping Baby In Mother's Arms
Tiny Cuddles Photo
Dedicated Baby Photographer
Traditional South Korean Mother & Baby
Siblings Wearing Tulle Skirts
Big Brother & Baby Sister
Smiling Baby Posing With Parents
JOHANNESBURG: Unforgettable Maternity Newborn Photos
Family Wall Gallery Idea
Recommended Baby Photographer
Simple Baby Photoshoot Poses
One Year Baby Photoshoot
Father & Baby Silhouette Example
One Light Lighting Setup
Mother Holding Onto Nappy Cover
Sleeping Baby In Parents' Arms
Father With Quadruplets
Timeless Baby Photo
Traditional South Korean Outfit
Sibling Looking Up
Smiling & Reaching Out
Baby Photo Gallery
JOHANNESBURG: Ethical Business Family Photographer
Natural Simple Framing Idea
Sweet Honey Moment
Cute Chubby Baby
Smiling Kneeling Baby
Baby Wearing Chunky Jersey
South Korean Baby In Traditional Dress
Parents Hands Reaching Out
Baby With Many Roles
Priceless Sibling Moment
Surprised Sibling With Baby Sister
Baby Looking Up
Award-Winning Baby Photographer
Baby In Detailed White Dress
Granny Holding Grandchild
Distinguished Baby Photographer
Older Brother, Sister & Baby
Beautiful Smile
JOHANNESBURG: Professional Talented Baby Photographer
Mother & Baby Print Framed
Black & White Baby Print Pink Room
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This gallery of baby photographs is typical of my work as a Johannesburg baby photographer since 2005 for clients looking for timeless and creative baby photos that stand out from the average.

I recommend booking your shoot within their first 12 months before the terrific twos set in.

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