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JOHANNESBURG: Creative Photographer Review

JOHANNESBURG: Creative Photographer Review

Talented, patient, creative, not to mention the nicest person ever.

We have been visiting Bridget Corke for over seven years; we ensure that a family photoshoot is always scheduled when in South Africa. Bridget has created an incredible family then and now album. I can't say enough great things about this photographer. She will always be the first person we call for our family memories.

JOHANNESBURG: Professional Child Photographer
JOhANNESBURG: Children Portrait Session
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JOHANNESBURG: Child Silhouette Photographers
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JOHANNESBURG: Professional Children Photographer
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JOHANNESBURG: Talented Children Photography
JOHANNESBURG: Children Photographer
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JOHANNESBURG: Child Studio Photographers
JOHANNESBURG: Family Photographer Then & Now 62
JOHANNESBURG: Top Child Photographers
JOHANNESBURG: Child Portait Session
JOHANNESBURG: Children Portrait Sessions
JOHANNESBURG: Child Photoshoot Session
JOHANNESBURG: Unquestionable Professional Photographer

JOHANNESBURG: Unquestionable Professional Photographer

Bridget has captured the most MAGICAL and special moments of my family's life.

Her professionalism is unquestionable.

JOHANNESBURG: Children Portrait Photo
JOHANNESBURG: Professional Child Photoshoot
JOHANNESBURG: Child Portrait Photographers
JOHANNESBURG: Child Portrait Photoshoot
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JOHANNESBURG: Experienced Child Photograph
JOHANNESBURG: Talented Child Photographer
JOHANNESBURG: Family Photographer Then & Now 134
JOHANNESBURG: Family Photographer Then & Now 114
JOHANNESBURG: Toddler and Father Photography
JOHANNESBURG: Family Rated Photographers

JOHANNESBURG: Family Rated Photographers

Bridget is a phenomenal photographer - just fantastic!

Our family has been going to her yearly since 2007. Best investment I could have made; highly recommended.

JOHANNESBURG: Child Photographer
JOHANNESBURG: Child Portrait Photographer
JOHANNESBURG: Child Portrait Photosg
JOHANNESBURG: Children Silhouette Photographers
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JOHANNESBURG: Children Photography
JOHANNESBURG: Professional Child Photographers
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JOHANNESBURG: Child Photograph Example
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JOHANNESBURG: Talented Children Photographer
JOHANNESBURG: Talented Children Photographers
Timeless Child Portrait Studio Photography
JOHANNESBURG: Child Studio Photography
JOHANNESBURG: Experienced Child Photography
JOHANNESBURG: Silhoutte Children Portrait Photographer
JOHANNESBURG: Child Studio Photographer
JOHANNESBURG: Experienced Child Photographer
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Bridget has been awarded a master portrait accreditation from The Portrait Masters, only one of two in Africa.

My child portfolio showcases a portrait of an individual child, or children, captured in my professional studio from one to 12 years old.

Let me stop time for you.

Here are four tips to help you choose the right child portrait photographer.

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