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These headshot photographs represent my work since 2005 as a professional Johannesburg headshot photographer.

My personal, professional, business and corporate headshots feature actors, attorneys, advocates, doctors, engineers, executives, entrepreneurs, engineers, teachers, financiers and other Johannesburg professionals.

Have you been searching for a professional headshot photographer who produces high-quality images in a style that resonates with you? Then you found me, and I would like to work with you.

Bridget’s sleek professionalism overcame my awkwardness and produced the best pictures I have ever had of myself. Plus, she’s a lot of fun. JAMES LORIMER

I won't talk about the exceptional professionalism and the quality of Bridget's work because her portfolio speaks for itself! I want to talk about her beautiful soul, hyper-intelligence, deep empathy and humanity, which shines through in every portrait! Thank you for blessing me, Bridget; you're a magician & an icon. I'm honoured to have worked with you! PENUEL THE BLACK PEN

Bridget Corke, a prodigiously talented photographer, has mastered capturing the beauty of her subjects and their essence. My experience with Bridget was nothing short of incredible. From the beginning, her calming and nurturing demeanour put me at ease. My confidence grew as she guided me through the photoshoot, transforming what might have been an anxiety-provoking encounter into a delightful extension of self-expression. The true mark of a skilled photographer lies in their ability to capture not only a subject's appearance but also their emotions, triumphs, and vulnerabilities. Bridget Corke possesses a keen eye for detail and a breathtaking, unrivalled talent. My experience remains unmatched, and I wholeheartedly endorse her work as a testament to what brilliance and dedication to one's craft can achieve. MAXINE CLEMENT

Bridget’s work is stellar. She has an uncanny ability to see someone as they are and to draw out the best of them during her shoots. Her accreditation as a Master Portrait Photographer is visible in her finished product and process - value-for-value trade. MELISSA JANSEN VAN VUUREN

When in doubt, and you should always be in doubt, choose a real headshot, choose Johannesburg, and choose Bridget Corke. The conversation is not bad, either. PHIL-JAN VAN ZYL

Extremely grateful for this very random find. “The power of Google!!” Bridget skilfully carries out her passion for photography in her beautiful clean studio; many Kodak moments were captured, and she was very helpful in selecting the best images. I will use these images for a lifetime. MBALI MNGOMEZULU


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Blairgowrie, 2194, SOUTH AFRICA

International Master's in portrait photography from The Portrait Masters, one of only two in Africa. +27828814044