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Rim Lit Portrait
Lying Back Legs Up
Glass Beads Accessory
Boy Pointing Tummy
Seated Maternity Pose
Maternity Lace Gown
Tulle Maternity Gown
Hand Head Afro
Afro Jeans
Couple Interlocked Pose
Dalmatian Looking Up
Oversized Buttoned Shirt
Profile Goosebumps
Pregnant Couple Silhouette
Regular Jeans Unbuttoned
Creative Family Idea
Styled Seated Pose
Elaborate Tulle Gown
String Different Beads
Lime Fuschia Dresses
Boy Reaching Up
Fun Maternity Photos
Hands Preggy Tummy
Gold Lace Fabric Outfit
Lying Back Reflection
Colourful Scarf Idea
Wardrobe Examples
Modern Portrait Gallery Idea
Modern Framed Portrait
Pregnant Woman Review
Maternity Client Review
Laying On Back Pose
Couple Floor Pose Idea
Body Painted Bump
Laying Side Pose
Ceramic Egg Prop
Chiaroscuro Maternity Photo
Mother Daughter Embrace
Gold Trim Kaftan
Laying Side Pose BW
Red Maternity Outfit Idea
Studded Leather Jacket
Daughter Looking Up
Crop Top Outfit
BW Colour Tulle Gown
Family Maternity Silhouette
Colour Maternity Silhouette
Framed Maternity Portrait
Couple Nose To Nose
Sibling Hugging Bump
Wedding Veil
Sibling Touching Bump
Maternity Accessory Idea
Excited Daughter Holding Bump
Son Lying Mom's Bump
Listening Mom Bump
Surprised Sibling
Traditional African Outfit
Red Dress Head Piece
Indian Wedding Gown
Timeless Maternity Photo
Husband-Wife Pregnancy Pose
Pink Nursery Interior
Preggie Couple Review
Pregnant Couple Review
Preggie Couple Review
Chunky Gold Necklace
Classic Lace Gown
Couple Leather Jackets
Purple Tulle Outfit
Styled Posing Ideas
Dramatic Lighting
Rim Lighting
Orchid Bloom Accessory
Purple Maternity Tulle Gown
Oversized White Shirt
Couple All Black Outfits
Holding Preggy Boobs
Form-Fitted Maternity Dress
Afro Polka Dot Dress
Enlarged Framed Portrait
Figure Hugging Dress
Tulle Ribbon Outfit
Mother Son Embrace
Couple Interlocked Pose
Modern Pregnancy Silhouette
Henna Tattoos
Family Pregnancy Pose
Maternity Studio Photography
Excited Siblings
Crayon Drawing Bump
Son Listening Bump
Oversized White Maternity Shirt
Vibrant Dress Example
Father Hands Bump
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My portfolio of pregnant women represents my work as a professional Johannesburg maternity photographer.

These maternity portraits feature pregnant women alone, with their partners, children and pets captured with different studio lighting styles to make an artistic statement.

If you have been searching for a photographer to capture your pregnancy, then found me and fell in love with how my work makes you feel, you are my perfect client, and I would love to work with you.

An incredible shoot experience of connecting to the power, beauty and celebration of pregnancy. Bridget is a true artist and brings to the fore the sacredness of the pregnancy journey through her photos. I couldn’t recommend Bridget more highly to any expectant mom. HINOR SACKS

Had the most amazing time at our Maternity Shoot. Bridget is such a lovely and talented photographer who truly makes the whole experience so memorable! I felt comfortable and confident! Can’t wait for many more shoots in the future! JOANA MENDES FINLAY

I was blown away. SO talented. She directed me throughout and made me laugh. I am trying to figure out how you could go wrong choosing Bridget; I look forward to returning for more beautiful classic pics. 10 out of 10 JENNA RHYS-MAITLAND

I recently did my pregnancy and newborn photoshoot with Bridget - I wish I had known her during my first pregnancy - the quality of the pictures is amazing - artistic, and to be treasured for years to come. Bridget herself is warm and patient - making the whole photo session easy. Thanks again, Bridget. ZANELE SITHOLE

It's tough to express how great Bridget's work is; the five stars are not doing justice. The quality of her work is on steroids. She is accommodating and amazing both as a person and a photographer. Bridget is the best at what she does; I will return! I am BLOWN away, worth every penny. NTUTU NGESI

Bridget is phenomenal - her energy, vibe and passion are out of this world and bring a unique and memorable experience beyond photography. ..And, of course, the quality of her work is world-class. I would recommend her any day. SIMON BWERINOFA


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International Master's in portrait photography from The Portrait Masters, one of only two in Africa. +27828814044