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Award-Winning Bulldog Puppy Silhouette
Wiemaraner Resting
German Shepherds Family
Award-Winning German Shepherd
Tan French Bulldog
Award-Winning Boston Terrier
Old German Shepherd
Dachshund On Girls Arm
Wiemaraner Headshot
Boston Terriers Standing
Short-Haired Cat
Maternity Pet Silhouette
Award-Winning Bulldog
Scottish Terrier Profile
Jack Russel In Arms
Children Dog Silhouette
French Bulldog With Mum
Black Labrador Puppy
Sick Doberman
Wiemaraner Studio Silhouette
Award-Winning Cat Silhouette
Rhodesian Ridgeback Family Shoot
Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix Boy
French Bulldog Breed
Family Dogs Photo
Siamese Black Oriental Kittens
Black Great Dane
Bulldog Puppy Boys
Pied French Bulldog
Boston Terrier Family
Boston Terrier Closeup
Cherished Dog Photo
Engaging Dog Photographer
Award-Winning Bulldog Boy
Award-Winning Yorkshire Terrier
Old Bullmastiff Dog
Schnauzer With Girl
Three Dogs Blackbackground
Bulldog Puppy Boy
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Bullmastiff Black Background
Bullmastiff Dog Breed
Award-Winning Maine Coon Cat
Black Gold Dog Looking Up
Adorable French Bulldog
French Bulldog Family
Award-Winning Great Dane
Adult & Puppy Bulldog
French Bulldog Photos
Boy Cat Silhouette
Black Oriental Cat
BW Family Pets
Three Angles
Doberman Dog Being Kissed
Sleeping Family Dogs
Bullmastiff Dog Lying Down
Large Black Dog
Black Labrador Puppies
Black Tan French Bulldogs
Family Dog Photoshoot
Dachshund Portrait
Puppy Great Dane
Dog Gallery Wall
Passionate Dog Photographer
Incredible Dog Photographer
Large Black White Dog
French Bulldog
Award-Winning French Bulldog
American King Charles Puppy
Scottish Terrier
Great Dane Looking Up
Boston Terriers Portrait
White Red Bulldog
Long Haired Dapple Dachshund
Award-Winning Hamster Boy
Golden Retriever Girl
French Bulldog Family Silhouette
Bulldog Puppy
Dog Woman Silhouette
Golden Labrador Girls
French Bulldog Family Portrait
Frenchie Bulldog With Dad
Golden Retriever Woman
Cost Dog Photos
BW Bullmastiff Dog Photo
Dog Pregnant Mum Silhouette
Black Oriental Boy Silhouette
Black Bombay Cat
Malteses Poodles
Girl Schnauzer Dog
Bulldog Newborn Baby
Schnauzer Smiling
Dachshund Hugged
Black Dachshund
Old Bullmastiff Close Up
Beagle Dogs
Dog Portrait Framed
Recommended Dog Photographer
Artistic Dog Photographer
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For those looking for a professional Johannesburg pet photographer, my portfolio of dog and cat photos has been typical of my studio work since 2005.

If you have been searching for a pet photographer to capture your dog or cat, found me and fell in love with how my work makes you feel, then you are my perfect client, and I would love to work with you.

Not necessary to say how professional she is, that’s obvious on her images. What is as good as them, is the quality of the human being behind the camera. Such a pleasure to share this experience with you Bridget. SANDRA MAS

There is so much more than just photos. Despite bringing two children and two big dogs, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience from the shoot to the viewing session. Your work is not just pictured; it is ART. BRONWEN THOMAS

Meeting Bridget was such a blessing! She took the most amazing pictures of a doggie with terminal cancer and was able to squeeze us in on a moment's notice. The experience of going to her studio was so fun, and her professionalism and engaging personality made me and my sister feel right at home and even more so our doggie. I highly recommend Bridget! HELENE COETZEE


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International Master's in portrait photography from The Portrait Masters, one of only two in Africa. +27828814044