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I'm a Johannesburg newborn photographer, creating unforgettable newborn photos for discerning clients since 2005.

Time flies. I can stop it.

Newborn littleness is fleeting, so let me capture the extraordinary life you brought into the world before they are six weeks old.

Newborn Photo Gallery


Browse my newborn portfolio; unlike others, you will see timeless works of art. I can do the same for your newborn with strikingly crafted lighting.


Simple Pricing

It is a value-for-value exchange and an incredible investment.

I charge a professional rate of R2500 for my time, equipment and creative juices.

From an incredible selection of images, you will buy those you love. What you purchase is entirely up to you.

Images are sold individually and are R750 each.



I never follow trends or capture fluff.

So, if you are looking for a newborn photographer who captures timeless newborn photos with sensitivity and authenticity, as well as family art, you are my typical client.


I'm an infant whisperer.

You will be surprised how comfortable I will make everyone.

Captured against your chest, over your shoulder or in the length of your arms will remind you how tiny your newborn was and exactly how you felt then.


My superpower is knowing and seeing how important capturing your bond is.

Trust me to make a fool of myself, generate a reaction and take a photo of the newest member of the family's developing personality at 125th of a second.


Less is more.

I specialise in the most comprehensive and detailed editing but focus on a natural retouching method.

My Style

Who wants trendy or cheesy photos that date?

My style has been the same since 2005; it is unique and timeless.

It is crucial to choose a newborn photographer whose style resonates with you.

I'm Your Photographer

If you've fallen in love with my work, it's because you love how it makes you feel.

I never outsource to another. If I can't take your photos, I will reschedule your session.

Choose a photographer with a gallery of consistent professional newborn images, making me the perfect choice.


Your newborn is the star of the show and shines brightest au naturel.

Other Wardrobe Suggestions

  • My signature look is black clothing of various textures and shades against a black background and white against a white background; the contrast with the skin makes your newborn the focal point.
  • Bring one or two receiving blankets and a white newborn vest – they're classic.
  • Avoid overpowering the photos with loud outfits unless you wear sentimental or traditional clothing.
  • Cover your arms with a long sleeve or scarf if you don't want them to show.
  • If anything needs dry cleaning or ironing, take care of it.
  • Plan what you want to wear in advance—nothing worse than forgetting an essential item - it is not the focus, but it can throw a great portrait.

Twins Cheese Cloth Waving Dad

Knitted Blanket JOHANNESBURG: Creative Newborn Photographer


If your visit to the hairdresser is due, go a week before the shoot; this way, the cut will grow a bit, and you will have time to get used to it.

Hands and Nails

So often overlooked, trim everyone's nails as they become the second act when interacting.

If you colour your fingernails, choose a neutral or clear tone.

Professional Makeup

I recommend natural makeup over complete makeovers but can arrange professional makeup for an additional fee.

Drink water the day before and on the day of your session; they say it reduces puffiness.


I use simple black or white studio backgrounds for my newborn photo shoots; it's about the subjects.


I typically work with a one-light setup, which makes everyone pop, or a backlight, which makes your photos stand out from the average newborn images.

Piggybacking Pose Family Embrace

Mothers Golden Braids Family Silhouette


Your newborn won't thank you enough for investing in capturing your love for them when they're 21.

With this in mind, my studio offers a beautiful range of products for a spectacular presentation of your memories, or as I call them, Stolen Moments.

We can create priceless artwork to proudly display on a family wall gallery, expand over time, show off in a designer photo album, or give as gifts.

PS: You can't frame digital files for your wall gallery.

JOHANNESBURG: Photo Wall Gallery

Then & Now

Few parents wish they hadn't invested in a newborn photo shoot; it's seldom the other way around.

I have passionately captured newborns in my professional studio since 2005, building a priceless then-and-now gallery of photos for thousands of clients.

I can do the same for you. Contact me.

JOHANNESBURG: Family Photographer Then & Now 106


My standards are high.

I am thrilled to be among only two photographers in Africa awarded a Master's portrait accreditation from the Portrait Masters.

Let me capture an award-winning portrait of your newborn for you.


So what is next?


Newborns grow faster than babies over six weeks, leaving a much narrower window to photograph their littleness. I recommend scheduling your newborn shoot between their first five days and six weeks before sleep deprivation sets in, and you're still on a high.


Your newborn photo session includes a pre-shoot telephone consultation; we will discuss wardrobe, lighting and posing styles.

To form a picture of your vision and ensure your expectations become a reality, I will ask you to send me examples from my portfolio or elsewhere that you like.


You can't plan every aspect of your newborn session. They dictate the pace and poses possible.

They also add the unexpected, which makes the experience rich; sometimes, it can be hysterical. You will find out if you book me.

I encourage including siblings and grandparents in your newborn photoshoot. The photos will mean the world for generations to come.


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20 years experience plus international Master's in portrait photography from The Portrait Masters, one of only two in Africa.