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Newborn Family Silhouette
Piggyback Pose
Lying Fathers Shoulder
Parents Newborn Hands
Parents Hands Twins
Close-Up Newborn Portrait
Against Moms Chest
Fathers Fingers
Smiling Mother Newborn
Strong Dad Newborn
Dad Newborn Mom
Granny Hugging Newborn
Granny Holding Newborn
Sleeping Infant
Shirtless Father
Protective Mother
Shirtless Parents
JOHANNESBURG: Timeless Creative Newborn Photographs
Studio Rim Lighting
Parents Silhouette
Older Sister
Then & Now Silhouettes
Newborn Breastfeeding
Mothers Golden Braids
JOHANNESBURG: Timeless Beautiful Newborn Photos
Crying Newborn
Sleeping Shoulder
Daddys Arms
Crying Infant
JOHANNESBURG: Timeless Maternity Photographer Review
JOHANNESBURG: Well-Prepared Newborn Studio Photographer
Talking To Granny
Sleeping Chest
Sibling Delight
Before After
Diningroom Gallery
Pink Nursery
JOHANNESBURG: Family Photographer Then & Now 106
Award Winning Photograph
Family Embrace Newborn
Emotional Connection
Big Brother
Grandmothers Arms
Muscular Dad Newborn
Hungry Newborn
Frowning Newborn
Mothers Chest
Shirtless Father Newborn
Newborn Twins
Grandparents Newborn
Brother Newborn Sister
Sleepy Newborn
Twins Cheese Cloth
Yawning With Dad
Powerful Composition
Tired Yawning
Celebrating Family
Father Newborn Silhouette
JOHANNESBURG: Unforgettable Maternity Newborn Photos
Excited Sibling
Sleeping Twins
Hand Comparison
Sleeping Family Arms
Staring At Father
Fingers Hand
Dads Tattoed Arm
Foot Dad Hand
Sleeping Mother
Arm Stretching
Smiling Mom
Lanugo Fine Hair
Mother Older Sibling
Top Lighting
Purple Tulle Gown
South African Supporters
Enlarged Prints
Entrance Family Gallery
Blue Bedroom
JOHANNESBURG: Family Photographer Then & Now 151
Mom Dad Newborn Hands
Waving Dad
Cheese Cloth
Grandpa Holding Granddaughter
Sleeping Newborn
Shirtless Family
Father Newborn Hands
Grannys Arms
Newborn Family Portrait
Award Winning
Family Newborn Silhouette
Newborn Mothers Chest
Family Embracing Newborn
Newborn Family Pet
Sibling Tippy Toes
Grumpy Grandson
Father Bond
With Mom Dad
Protective Father
Loving Siblings
All White Wardrobe
Family Silhouette
Double Act
Knitted Blanket
Dad Holding Newborn
Uphelp Pose
JOHANNESBURG: Quality Artistic Newborn Photos
Mother Father
Wrapped Dads Hands
Formal Clothing
Knitted Outfit
Mothers Bare Shoulder
Staring Straight Camera
Livingroom Gallery
Bedroom Gallery
JOHANNESBURG: Family Photographer Then & Now 118
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My portfolio of newborn babies represents my work since 2005 as a professional Johannesburg newborn photographer.

If you have been searching for a photographer to capture your newborn, then found me and fell in love with how my work makes you feel, you are my perfect client, and I would love to work with you.

I recently did my pregnancy and newborn photoshoot with Bridget - I wish I had known her during my first pregnancy. The quality of the pictures is amazing and artistic, and will be treasured for years to come. Bridget herself is warm and patient - making the whole photo session easy. Thanks again, Bridget ZANELE SITHOLE

Bridget creates an experience and atmosphere where the magic happens. I reached out to her to take photos of my newborn baby and could not have imagined how beautifully my memories would be captured. Her kind and energetic nature made the experience a light-hearted yet emotive one. If you’re looking for timeless, beautiful photos of you and your family, I could not recommend her enough. ZENOBIA PETERSON 

Undoubtedly it is the best studio shoot experience. Bridget brings out such creative energy; the whole experience with our newborn was just magical. A priceless gift for our daughter to always look back and feel her parent’s love. PRATHNA SOOKOO

What a wonderful experience! Bridget made us as well as our twin girls feel so comfortable during the newborn photoshoot. She was well prepared with some incredible ideas and also took our ideas and executed them perfectly. She was incredible with our twins and spent just the right amount of time capturing some of the most precious moments. I HIGHLY recommend her as her style is one of a kind, you will not regret it! Thanks Bridget for such a great experience. CHANTELLE PIETERSEN


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International Master's in portrait photography from The Portrait Masters, one of only two in Africa. +27828814044