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These are some of the 137 five-star Google reviews I've received as a professional Johannesburg photographer.

As a Johannesburg photographer, let me exceed your expectations as your professional headshot photographer, portrait photographer, baby photographer, child photographer, dance photographer, family photographer, maternity photographer, model photographer, mother-daughter photographer, newborn photographer, nude photographer and pet photographer.

Simply Wow! Bridget made me feel at ease, and the results were at the next level. This is true creativity. 80 Reviews- all five stars – cannot be wrong. KARIN PIETERS

There is so much more than just photos. Despite bringing two children and two big dogs, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience from the shoot to the viewing session. Your work is not just pictured; it is ART. BRONWEN THOMAS

I won't talk about the exceptional professionalism and the quality of Bridget's work because her portfolio speaks for itself! I want to talk about her beautiful soul, hyper-intelligence, deep empathy and humanity, which shines through in every portrait! Thank you for blessing me, Bridget; you're a magician & an icon. I'm honoured to have worked with you! PENUEL THE BLACK PEN

What a wonderful experience! Bridget was incredible with our twins and spent just the right amount of time capturing some of the most precious moments. She was well-prepared with incredible ideas, took our ideas on board, and executed them perfectly. I HIGHLY recommend her as her style is one of a kind, you will not regret it. CHANTELLE PIETERSEN

I was blown away. SO talented. She directed me throughout and made me laugh. I am trying to figure out how you could go wrong choosing Bridget; I look forward to returning for more beautiful classic pics. 10 out of 10 JENNA RHYS-MAITLAND

You see her incredible talent displayed on the walls as you enter the studio. She has the skill and creativity to capture the most beautiful portraits. Bridget can put you completely at ease and bring fun to the session. CATHERINE KLOPPERS

We booked a studio family photo session for my husband's 50th birthday…. Bridget is warm and welcoming, which results in a relaxed atmosphere while maintaining a professional approach. MICHELLE ARNOLD

I recently did my pregnancy and newborn photoshoot with Bridget. I wish I had known her during my first pregnancy. The quality of the pictures is amazing and artistic, and they will be treasured for years to come. Bridget herself is warm and patient - making the whole photo session easy. Thanks again, Bridget. ZANELE SITHOLE

I have just done my third shoot with Bridget, and the results are amazing. She makes you feel so at ease, so she captures the most amazing moments. I now have pictures of myself and my 16-year-old daughter that I will treasure forever. Thank you. DEANA HESLOP-MTHEMBU

Bridget truly is an expert at what she does! She is our go-to for family shoots. The kids love her, and we have a blast during the shoot. MANESH MOHANLAL

The experience was better than expected. I'm not typically comfortable being behind the camera; Bridget creates an experience that allows you to embrace yourself and the whole experience - every star is deserved. NTOKOZO SHABALALA

Bridget's friendly guidance before the shoot ensured I was prepared and knew what to expect. I appreciate how Bridget made me feel comfortable during the shoot; she took as many photo options as possible, and her studio is stunning. The entire experience was professional, with excellent service and timely delivery of my images. RIANETTE LIEBOWITZ

Bridget is phenomenal - her energy, vibe, and passion are out of this world and bring a unique and memorable experience beyond photography. Of course, the quality of her work is world-class. I would recommend her any day. SIMON BWERINOFA

Phenomenal experience.... highly recommended. NICK VAN DER WALT

Thank you for the incredible shooting experience and amazing photos! You kept our appointment even after sustaining a head injury (goodness!) and made me feel relaxed and confident in my ability to look good for the camera. I loved how you immediately saw who I was and captured this essence on film. So worth getting on a plane for! ROBYN YOUNG

Thank you for being so easy to be around and ensuring the photo shoot session was exciting. You are personable whilst being professional. I will refer a lot of people to you. THANDI MBOKZAI

Bridget is a phenomenal photographer - just fantastic! Our family has been going to her yearly since 2007. It is the best investment I could have made; it is highly recommended. LINDY PARR

Professional and interactive approach to creating ease and getting the best out of the photography session. Bridget's acute attention to detail and much thought were put into preparing options and backdrops. This is not just another shoot but a space where one can see the love and passion for photography...the endeavour to capture more than just an image!! I felt at ease and had fun in the process. Thank you, Bridget, for your great work! VONGAI PASIRAI

Bridget takes the most amazing photographs! Choosing which ones to go with was difficult because they were all great! I felt comfortable throughout the process, and she expertly guided me on a pose. I highly recommend her! She also makes a mean cup of tea. SHUNGU MARITI

Working with Bridget is an absolute joy! She can make anyone feel at ease in front of the camera and gently directs with her skilful eye to bring out the best in her subjects. She makes her sessions fun and spontaneous, which reflects her work quality. Bridget has captured the growth and development of our family over the years, and we are grateful for the beautiful way she has captured our personalities at different life stages. It has been the best investment we've ever made in celebrating our family. UDETTE KIRSCH

Bridget was everything I was looking for in a portrait photographer and more. She was attentive to my requirements and customised the shooting approach to meet my needs. The shoot experience was exceptional (especially as someone who is camera shy), with Bridget providing clear direction to enough-quality outputs. Turnaround times were quick, and Bridget was responsive to my editing requests. I highly recommend her services! NICOLE DUNN

Bridget is a professional and talented photographer who takes pride in her work. She is highly recommended! My family had a photoshoot session with her, and the awesome photos marvelled at us she took of us. TANTENDA MADZORERA

Talented, patient, creative, not to mention the nicest person ever. We have been visiting Bridget Corke for over seven years; we ensure that a family photoshoot is always scheduled on our South African visits. Bridget has created an incredible family then and now album. I can't say enough great things about this photographer. She will always be the first person we call for our family memories. JEROMY GLICKSMAN

Bridget has captured my family's most magical and memorable moments. Her professionalism is unquestionable. NELITA ABAIDOO

Bridget's service was awesome from the first communication leading up to the photo shoot and afterwards. I felt comfortable and at home during the shoot, and she coached me through the shoot to get the best professional photos. Thanks for a fun shoot, Bridget. JOHAN VAN ZYL

I commend Bridget for her professionalism and ability to put her 'subject' at ease. I could not recommend her enough! She is a fantastic photographer, and her maternity pictures captured the joy, love, and excitement of my pregnancy artistically and beautifully. LISO YANTA

Excellent work from Bridget; she is also available to communicate pre-shoot to ensure alignment. CAROLINE ROUSSIN

I have gotten to know Bridget by photographing my family over the past 15 years. She is amazingly talented and committed to supplying the best quality products. We will always use her, and I highly recommend her. SANDRA MCMURCHIE

What a wonderful, fun occasion Bridget made this shoot for my 16-year-old daughter! She put us both so at ease with a constant barrage of humour mixed with gentle suggestions, whilst it was clear that some rather spectacular creative juices were flowing! Bridget is highly recommended to capture your nuances and the people you love! CAROL SMITH

It's tough to express how great Bridget's work is; the five stars are not doing justice. The quality of her work is on steroids. She is accommodating and amazing both as a person and a photographer. Bridget is the best at what she does; I will return! I am BLOWN away, worth every penny. NTUTU NGESI

I loved working with Bridget; my expectations were over and beyond. She made me feel very comfortable, and my photos are timeless. REDILIA TAIBI

Our home is filled with photographs of lasting memories. Bridget is an exceptional photographer who has captured the most heartfelt moments on our journey through parenthood. Her camera has captured the intimate moments of pregnancy, the joys of a newborn baby, the bumpy teenage years and the strong bond between mother and daughter. Bridget is intuitive and versatile to capture every moment of your life. Her deserved accolades and awards testify to her work, and we are thrilled to have her photograph our family. HELEN TONETTI

Passionate B and her infectious laughter behind the camera. Precious shots of moments never to be repeated. B is the only one who always has, and I mean, on every occasion, been able to get the whole family to cooperate and smile. So much so that the grumpy ones even admitted to enjoying the photoshoot. KATINKA SCHUMANN

We engaged Bridget at the last minute for a very urgent and important family photoshoot. I've since used Bridget for my corporate shoots and have been equally delighted with the results. She comes highly recommended! Five very reluctant men accompanied me, and not only did we have an absolute blast - moving from very uncomfortable to larking about towards the end - but the photos produced were superb! MICHELLE BEETAR

The ONLY photographer I allow to take pics of my family and me. Bridget is NOT a photographer - she is a passionate perfectionist and a true artist - I highly recommend her. KEVIN HENWOOD

Bridget’s sleek professionalism overcame my awkwardness and produced the best pictures I have ever had of myself. Plus, she’s a lot of fun. JAMES LORIMER

Thank you for our beautiful maternity shoot. We enjoyed ourselves, which was both professional and fun. We treasure our photos; they came out beautifully from your creative ideas. MICHELLE WELLS

It is an incredible experience connecting pregnancy's power, beauty and celebration. Bridget is a true artist and brings the sacredness of the pregnancy journey to the fore through her photos. HINOR SACKS

Creating timeless masterpieces that you will be able to cherish every day. A photographer likes no other. She takes her time. When going through the viewing process, she ensures you choose the best pics for your collection and is not pushy about you having to purchase a million photos. It's an exceptional experience, and we can't wait to add to our collection each year. URSULA SHEPARD

When I started chatting with Bridget, I knew this was the person I wanted to meet. Bridget is truly a free spirit, excelling at her chosen craft. Bridget loves life! It shows. Thank you for the exceptional photoshoot and the even better photos! The experience was fantastic. Bridget knows just how to get you to show yourself in a unique way that produces that award-winning photo. TANYA KELLER

Bridget is phenomenal! She has talent and passion for her work, and it shows! She made me feel at home; I was comfortable during the shoot. She helped me strike some poses; it was magic from then on! I love my portraits! I look forward to working with you again! MOLLINE CHIROMBO

Bridget’s touch, eye, business ethos and photographic skill set her apart. She captures the closeness and intimacy of our family with such sensitivity in a way that very few photographers could achieve. Her photography captures an image and the essence of the moment. She has always been a delight to work with, and we look forward to our annual family shoot. MANDY PREZIATI

What a wonderful morning we spent with Bridget. The photos are AMAZING, and she can make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Many thanks, AMANDA CUNNINGHAM

I had a fantastic experience with Bridget as my photographer. I wouldn’t say I like posing and taking pictures. But she made it fun, and I looked natural. I highly recommend her for portrait photography. EUGENE MARTINS

If you are looking for a stunning professional picture, look no further. Your photos will look like they are straight out of a magazine! Bridget can make you feel at ease to get the best smile out of you. We did a family photoshoot when I was pregnant and then one with the baby (+ 2 dogs) and still managed to get great shots. We now have unforgettable memories captured that we will cherish for a lifetime. ANGELA BASCHIERI

I had the most beautiful experience with Bridget. She is an absolute professional, from her prompt response to my enquiry on her website to organising my photo shoot. She put me at ease and guided me to take exquisite photos. She performs magic. ANDREA LEUSSI

I had researched portrait photographers for a year, looking specifically for one that captured the essence of their subject. I confirmed I chose the right photographer after the session with Bridget. She chats throughout the whole and is quite a firecracker. She made me relax and hyped me. She gave gentle directions and posing guidance throughout, and I did not once worry about it. It gets even better; after a portrait session, we selected the images I loved the most. Narrowing them down to just a few photos was quick because I wanted them. By the time I left, I felt a difference in how I saw myself. This is a sure-fire investment in yourself and a definite boost in self-confidence. VERONICA MOLOI-KHUMALO

We decided to do one last photoshoot with our doggie when we discovered she had cancer. The photos and the experience were fantastic. Thank you, Bridget Corke, for squeezing us in and letting Gitte run around in the garden like the manic she is! We couldn’t have asked for better! Thank you, Bridget, for immortalising Gitte. You are a wonderful person, and I’m happy we met you! And the photos are art! I will always cherish these photos; they capture my baby so well. CLARISSA COETZEE

Meeting Bridget was such a blessing! She took the most amazing pictures of a doggie with terminal cancer and was able to squeeze us in on a moment's notice. The experience of going to her studio was so fun, and her professionalism and engaging personality made me and my sister feel right at home and even more so our doggie. I highly recommend Bridget! HELENE COETZEE

It has been a pleasure working with Bridget! From start to finish, she has been caring, considerate and professional. Her lovely personality and great sense of humour brought a lot of ease and immediate comfort to our interactions. She got my family and me out of our shells during the shoot! Her photographs were far beyond our expectations, and the quality is unparalleled. I am glad we came across Bridget and had the chance to have these precious memories immortalised as beautifully as they were! Thank you, Bridget! MUNYA MUNYARWA

Thank you, Bridget, for capturing everyone's best side! Bridget is really lovely to work with. She maintains a relaxed atmosphere while ensuring that every hair is in place. ELKI MEDALIE

I chose Bridget purely because of the great reviews and her stunning portfolio. When I contacted Bridget, she was accommodating and answered all my questions. She made me feel comfortable. Her studio is fantastic; her lighting is spectacular. The images exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Bridget; you are the best out there! I will be bringing the family for a photoshoot. NEEREN MOODLEY

Our shoot was the best experience for the family, thanks to Bridget, who made this possible with her vibrant energy and skills. She captured the moments, and these are the memories which will last for years to come. Thank you, Bridget TUMI MAIMANE

Bridget's work is stellar. She has an uncanny ability to see someone as they are and to draw out the best in them during her shoots. Her accreditation as a Master Portrait Photographer is visible in her finished product and process—a value-for-value trade. MELISSA JANSEN VAN VUUREN

We enjoyed our photographic experience with Bridget. Her energy levels matched those of our two boys, aged ten months and two years nine months, making the whole session immensely fun! Bridget is open and personable; we felt she genuinely cared about the images she captured. We were impressed with the shots’ quality and how our children’s personalities shone through. Notably, at no point did we feel pressured at the end of the sale. Bridget let us into her home and made us feel welcomed, and we are grateful for the experience. Being international visitors may take a while before we return, but return; we will! LISA IVANOVA

I have just received my professional headshots and couldn’t be happier. They say you get what you pay for, and I certainly did. Bridget Corke’s photography is superb!!! Not only is her studio setup phenomenal, but her manner during the shoot puts you at ease, and she can elicit the best out of you without putting you on the spot. Her photography reflects what I know to be accurate of myself. Professional, demur with a touch of tremendous fun! Thank you, Bridget! JED KEMERY

It was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. Bridget is warm and professional. She has an excellent eye for detail. I felt at home and in a safe space to produce priceless photos. I would recommend it. DR MELVIN MBAO

The best experience with a photographer to date. Bridget is super personable and very talented. She made me comfortable, and I enjoyed the experience. FRANCOIS PEREIRA

Bridget creates an experience and atmosphere where the magic happens. I reached out to her to take photos of my newborn baby and could not have imagined how beautifully my memories would be captured. Her kind and energetic nature made the experience a light-hearted yet passionate one. If you’re looking for timeless, beautiful photos of you and your family, I could not recommend her enough. ZENOBIA PETERSON

Spending time in Bridget’s studio is always a magical time. You laugh, joke, and end up with incredible photographs that capture the moment perfectly. Bridget has been taking our photos for nearly 17 years and will take them for many more! We shook things up a little this year when we asked if we could bring our 3 Guide Dogs in Training - and the afternoon became all the more special. Her photographs always capture the soul of the person (or puppy!), and we are beyond thrilled with the photos we received. THANK YOU, Bridget, for being you, being amazing, and so incredibly talented. ANDREA JANSEN

I am extremely grateful for this very random find. “The power of Google!!” Bridget skilfully carries out her passion for photography in her beautiful, clean studio; many Kodak moments were captured, and she was very helpful in selecting the best images. I will use these images for a lifetime. Thank you, B! MBALI MNGOMEZULU

Undoubtedly, it is the best studio shoot experience. Bridget brings out such creative energy; the whole experience with our newborn was just magical. A priceless gift for our daughter to always look back and feel her parent's love. PRATHNA SOOKOO

Bridget is a grand master of her craft. Her curiosity and love for people and her zest for life ensure fine art-worthy photographs that carry their authentic narrative. Thank you for an empowering and liberating experience, Bridget. I will be back. JACQUI MORGAN

Bridget is a natural. She was professional and coached me throughout the session. I am very happy with my photos. SNEZIWE DAMASEB

Wonderful and at ease experience and beautiful shots! DR SKYE SCOTT

Not only is Bridget beyond talented in what she does, she shows so much love and passion for it. Bridget captured my pregnancy and newborn baby perfectly. She has a great eye and makes everyone feel at ease in front of her camera. Bridget's timeless and creative style is what I was looking for. We now have stunning family images to cherish forever! She is also a lovely person with a vibrant and warm personality! LIAAN PRETORIUS

Bridget knows what she’s doing. She has an excellent sense of posing and a fantastic lighting setup. My headshot images came out wonderfully; thanks, Bridget. ABIAN VAN DER MEIJDEN

Bridget is one of a kind—someone who brings out the beauty and happiness in you. We had so much fun doing our photo shoot; we laughed and got to let loose. She’s given me the best memory with my mum, KENYA MCARTHUR.

Bridget was extremely professional from the moment I emailed her. She made me feel extremely comfortable, and I received a warm welcome when I arrived. I would highly recommend her to anyone and appreciate the personalised attention I received. Thank you, Bridget. KEVIN, MOODLEY

Wonderful photographer. Bridget knows how to bring out the best in her subjects. We did a family shoot with six adults, four children, and Bridget’s manager to capture some amazing photos of all the chaos among the children on set. It is our third shoot with her, which we will repeat soon. THALIA CHAMARI

You think Bridget Corke’s (BC) super professional online profile has you sold, but that’s before you meet the warm and funny personality behind the Pro! From the first discovery call, BC was in tune with my story and what I needed. Along with her professional advice, the shooting mood was, I want to say, almost celebratory. Being in that moment and appreciating its value with your loved ones was priceless. I have never chosen photos so hard because the product delivered at the end of this experience was beyond photography; its lives caught in precious moments of utter contentedness. Thank you for being such a marvel and for your gift of capturing irreplaceable moments. #JoyousTimeCapsules RIVERS KHUMALO

After her portrait session with her dogs, Bridget Corke received a five-star Google rating from Giuliana Costa. GIULIANA COSTA

Bridget is a master at her craft! She creates a safe and inspiring space to produce authentic and beautiful images. Thank you, Bridget!! CLAIRE MCKELVIE

Bridget is a magical human and an incredible photographer. Her vibrant personality brought out the best in us all - we had a family portrait session done, which was very important for me as our eldest son was leaving to study abroad. The photos are magnificent—so good that it is tough to choose. Fortunately, Bridget guided us through this step, and her artist’s eye has ensured that we have chosen the best of the best. This is our 5th shoot with Bridget in over 18 years. I am so grateful for the precision, artistry, passion, patience, friendship and love you bring to each photoshoot, Bridget. The experience was memorable, and now we have physical memories that will last a lifetime and get us all smiles and delight! VIVIENNE KEYTEL

Bridget Corke, a prodigiously talented photographer, has mastered capturing the beauty of her subjects and their essence. My experience with Bridget was nothing short of incredible. From the beginning, her calming and nurturing demeanour put me at ease. My confidence grew as she guided me through the photoshoot, transforming what might have been an anxiety-provoking encounter into a delightful extension of self-expression. The true mark of a skilled photographer lies in their ability to capture not only a subject's appearance but also their emotions, triumphs, and vulnerabilities. Bridget Corke possesses a keen eye for detail and a breathtaking, unrivalled talent. My experience remains unmatched, and I wholeheartedly endorse her work as a testament to what brilliance and dedication to one's craft can achieve. MAXINE CLEMENT

Bridget Corke is a phenomenal photographer. In the legal industry, the standard of professional headshots is extremely high, and Bridget always delivers. She is the best when it comes to timeless professional portraits. I highly recommend her. ANGELA CLARK

I just had to shout out to Bridget; she’s legitimately a wizard behind the lens. Doing this photoshoot with her felt like hanging out with a friend. From the moment I walked through the door, I felt comfortable; Bridget is the type of photographer who makes you forget you are posing for photos. We were laughing, trying goofy poses, and all-around having a blast. The results speak for themselves; she nailed it! I am awestruck. I have never been captured this way and cannot express my gratitude. I could not recommend someone more. Huge thanks, Bridget - you’re a freaking sorcerer! LEO D’ALESSANDRO

Bridget's photography skills are truly exceptional. She has an incredible eye for capturing the perfect moments and creating stunning compositions. Not only is Bridget incredibly talented, but she also has a warm and friendly personality that instantly puts you at ease in front of the camera. She goes above and beyond to ensure you feel comfortable and confident during the shoot. Bridget's attention to detail is remarkable for bringing out the best in her subjects. The photos she took exceeded my expectations, and I'm thrilled with the final results. If you're looking for a photographer who is skilled and passionate about her craft, I highly recommend Bridget. She's a true professional who delivers outstanding photography with a personal touch. I can't wait for the next opportunity to work with her! SANJA RANDGITSINGH

We had a lovely experience with Bridget for our photoshoot with our two-year-old. Bridget was so relaxed and had amazing ideas during the shoot, so we didn’t have to think too much about the best pose. It was all natural. She also helped us coordinate our outfits weeks before (we didn’t have to buy anything), which was more than just a matching top and bottom exercise; different colours and patterns complement each other so beautifully at the end of the day. I truly love her style of photography and how our emotions come through every picture. URSULA DIALE

We had the most amazing time at our Maternity Shoot. Bridget is a lovely and talented photographer who makes the whole experience memorable! I felt comfortable and confident! I can’t wait for many more shoots in the future! JOANA FINLAY

Bridget is the most gifted photographer! We’ve been using her for family portraits for the past 12 years. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to add to our gallery! I can highly recommend Bridget for capturing your special moments. ILSE BRITZ

We had such a wonderful experience having Bridget photograph us and our 11-week-old baby. Bridget is very easygoing and adapts well to what the moment presents. We will be using her for future shoots. CECELIA SWARTZ

It’s an experience worth sharing. Bridget’s distinctive character will settle the most camera-shy and stoic among you. She turned our awkward motley crew into a tapestry of love and connectedness. The overall experience was professional and humbling. Highly recommend. VANESSA CRAWFORD

We did our photoshoot with Bridget today and are so happy we chose her. She is a fantastic, awarded photographer, but her way with people and personality make this photoshoot special. She is fun and quirky and puts everyone at ease, and that’s when you get the best photos. We’re planning to return with our fur babies in 2 months. I think Bridget is amazing, she’s the best!!!! SUMANTHA PILLAY

Bridget took my work profile photo. She captured my personality with a tone of creativity and sophistication of my role. My previous profile was taken by a photographer I had randomly chosen. The result was a picture that said, “Tannie sitting in a dusty corporate corner ." What photographer you choose makes an enormous difference. I would tell a friend that if you want to do it once and properly, Bridget is one of these photographers. And worth it. MICHELLE PACE

Bridget is a genius at her craft. The photos she took of me are, without a doubt, the best I have ever taken. They have elevated my brand, and I am proud to use them in communications. LEXI ROSS

It’s not necessary to say how professional she is; that’s obvious in her images.
What is as good as them is the quality of the human being behind the camera.
It is such a pleasure to share this experience with you, Bridget. SANDRA MAS

When in doubt, and you should always be in doubt, choose a real headshot, choose Johannesburg, and choose Bridget Corke. The conversation is not bad, either. PHILLIP-JAN VAN ZYL

We recently had the pleasure of working with Bridget for some corporate photos. I cannot express how delighted we were with the exceptional service and stunning photos provided. Will use her company again - THOSE PRODUCTION GIRLS

We had a magical experience with Bridget, she is so talented and can capture emotion in style. We loved her energy and are obsessed with our photos! Sarah, Ian & Madi - SARAH FRASER

Great service, happy with the service - MHLONIPEHENI SHEZI


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