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JOHANNESBURG Headshot Photography Pricing


Session Fee

Time, equipment and creative direction

  • studio individual R4 000 plus two edited images
  • studio additional person R3 000 per person plus two edited images
  • studio ten plus people R2500 per person plus two edited images
  • full session fee to confirm your shoot
  • professional hair & make-up extra R950 and R150 for lashes
  • photographer Bridget Corke
  • posing guidance throughout; my superpower

Additional Image Fee

Edited images

  • from an incredible selection of images, buy more you love
  • R750 per edited image
  • in-person viewing to select your images
  • natural editing is another one of my superpowers

Invest in your digital handshake and online presence!

View my headshot portfolio to ensure you work with a professional headshot photographer.

Headshot Photo Gallery


Good photography is expensive.

Like any quality product or service, you should work with someone with proven experience and use the best equipment to create quality images. I have 19 years of experience as a portrait photographer.

Lousy photography is even more costly.

If you don't like your photos, you have wasted time and money.

If you can do the portrait shoot again, you will spend more money on a re-shoot with no guaranteed result.

Getting it right the first time is often less expensive.

This is why I'm one of only two Master accredited portrait photographers in Africa from The Portrait Masters.


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International Master's accreditation from

The Portrait Masters, one of only two in Africa