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Family Dressed All Black
Family White Wardrobe
Granny Laughing Grandson
Priceless Embracing Moment
Traditional Indian Wardrobe
Daughter Mothers Lap
Mom Sons Dad
Extended Family
Extended Family Photoshoot
Kissing Pose
Boy Looking Up Parents
Natural Family Photo
Sons Kissing Mum
Daughter Smiling Dad
Grandparents Family Portrait
Large Family Photoshoot
Barearmed Mother Embrace
Formally Dressed Family
Mum With Adult Sons
Granny Granddaughter Silhouette
Granny Child Looking Up
Father Sons Feet
Top Light Dad Daughter
JOHANNESBURG: Nelson Mandela Family Photographer
Black Father Mother Son
Joyful BW Family Portrait
Silhouette Black Granny
Professional Family Photographer
Girl Holding Grandpa Cheeks
Indian Extended Family
Family Silhouette Portrait
JOHANNESBURG: Family Photographer Then & Now 106
JOHANNESBURG: Family Photographer Then & Now 94
Modern Family Canvas Photo
Modern Family Frames
Enlarged Family Photo Framed
Family Five Silhouette
Barefoot Family Photo
Boy Standing Dads Toes
Mother Holding Son
Black Father Son
Four Generations Silhouette
Holding Hands Pose
Brother Sisterly Love
Granny Hugging Grandson
Traditional Nigerian Outfits
Casual Family Silhouette
Casual Adult Family
Daughter Hanging Dad Back
Young Family Three Sons
Happy Grandparents
Forehead On Forehead
Four Generations
Generations Family
Grandparent Grandchildren
Father Son Top Lit
Boy Twins Sister
Patrick Mavros
BW Family Portrait
Daughter Mother
Adult Family Portrait
Dad Daughter Nigerian Attire
Mother Son Bameleki
JOHANNESBURG: Family Photographer Then & Now 28
JOHANNESBURG: Family Photographer Then & Now 168
Framed BW Family Photo
Framed Family Photograph
Modern Family Gallery Wall
Framed Family Photo
Traditional Indian Outfits
Anglaise Dresses Silhouette
Boy Stick Tongue Out
Mandela Graça Machel
Boy Between Dad Legs
Laughing Joyful Grandparents
Profile Silhouette
Daughter Mom Son
Older Siblings
Girl Looking Grandpa
Quiet Moment Pose
Sons Dad Laughter
Parents Hands On Son
Adult Family Silhouette
Mom Dad Teenagers
Blue Eyed Family
Family Two Toddlers
Parents Adult Sons
Vibrant Colour Portrait
Blonde Mother Son
Father of Four Children
Granny Hugging Grandchildren
All Black Wardrobe
Mum With Her Boys
Mother Comforting Child
Daughter With Fathers
Family Teenagers
Formal Family Outfits
Johannesburg Family Photographer Then & Now 49
JOHANNESBURG: Family Photographer Then & Now 117
Framed Colour Family Portrait
Family Photo Gallery
Family Photo Framed Bedroom
Floating Glass Framing
Luxury Family Framing
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My portfolio of families is typical of my work as a professional Johannesburg family photographer.

If you have been searching for a photographer to capture your family, you found me and fell in love with how my work makes you feel. You are my perfect client, and I would love to work with you.

It’s an experience worth sharing. Bridget’s distinctive character will settle the most camera-shy and stoic among you. She turned our awkward motley crew into a tapestry of love and connectedness. The overall experience was professional and humbling. Highly recommend. VANESSA CRAWFORD

Passionate B and her infectious laughter behind the camera. Precious shots of moments never to be repeated. B is the only one who always has, and I mean, on every occasion, been able to get the whole family to cooperate and smile. So much so that the grumpy ones even admitted to enjoying the photoshoot. KATINKA SCHUMANN

You think Bridget Corke’s (BC) super professional online profile has you sold, but that’s before you meet the warm and funny personality behind the Pro! From the first discovery call, BC was in tune with my story and what I needed. Along with her professional advice, the shooting mood was, I want to say, almost celebratory. Being in that moment and appreciating its value with your loved ones was priceless. I have never chosen photos so hard because the product delivered at the end of this experience was beyond photography; its lives caught in precious moments of utter contentedness. Thank you for being such a marvel and for your gift of capturing irreplaceable moments. #JoyousTimeCapsules RIVERS KHUMALO

We did our photoshoot with Bridget today and we are so happy that we chose her. She is a fantastic, awarded photographer to start with but it’s her way with people and her personality that makes this photoshoot so special. She is fun and quirky and gets everyone at ease and that’s when you get the best photos. We’re actually planning to go back with our fur babies in 2 months. I think Bridget is amazing, she’s the best!!!! SUMANTHA PILLAY

It has been a pleasure working with Bridget! From start to finish she has been caring, considerate and professional. Her lovely personality and great sense of humour brought a lot of ease and immediate comfort to our interactions and brought my family and I out of our shells during the shoot! The photographs she produced were far beyond our expectations and the quality is simply unparalleled. I am glad we came across Bridget and had the chance to have these precious memories immortalised as beautifully as they were! Thank you Bridget! MUNYA MUNYURWA

Our home is filled with photographs of lasting memories. Bridget is an exceptional photographer who has captured the most heartfelt moments on our journey through parenthood. Her camera has captured the intimate moments of pregnancy, the joys of a newborn baby, the bumpy teenage years and the strong bond between mother and daughter. Bridget is intuitive and versatile to capture every moment of your life. Her deserved accolades and awards testify to her work, and we are thrilled to have her photograph our family. HELEN TONETTI

Since 2005, I've captured transient, fragile slices of life, intimate reflections of a moment. I call these Stolen Moments™, and capturing yours would be my honour.


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